Not everyone got the Apple - Part 2

The story continues in the ancient kingdom. The country is actually divided by three tribes, The Marshian, The Texian & The Partio. Each tribes has their own elders to guard along his tribes. Some tribes even have a few... Pianist, the main character of this story, name Sam. Sam is a humble and shy guy who works his things to get his apple. As a members in the Marshian, Sam is under the control of the Sausage Maiden. In the factory of the sausage, Sausage Maiden has 4 workers, Sam, Sheena, MoiMoi & Tigra~
Sheena & MoiMoi are 2 bitches who's envy of Sam's capability and intelligence. Both of them always try their best to torture Sam who's much more younger than them. While being on the lower status in the sausage factory, the only thing Sam can do is to tolerate... But sometimes toleration does not solve the problem, and finally Sam decided to leave the sausage factory who makes him suffer... And lack of apples that sam get, should he leave?

2 who am I - questions:


June 29, 2009 at 11:59 AM

if sam can find better and juicier oranges and pears and strawberries out there, then why not??

  ::. Anton ::.

June 29, 2009 at 3:34 PM

I disagree with SK Thamby. Sausages are definitely juicier! :P LOLZ