Night at the Museum 2 - Ben Stiller

It was Bobby's birthday yesterday, so the whole gang of us make a celebration for him. We went for this movie in Pavilion... It just so happen that all 5 of us didn't watch this movie yet, so without any other option, we can only choose this... Night at the Museum 2. I score 3.5 out of 5
Ben Stiller, i always think he is hot. Although he's more on the comedian side, but i do find him sexy when he smile, maybe because he got the nose that kills me~ :P But overall for this movie, he keeps his standard of acting...but not much surprise
Amy Adams acted as Emirat, the 1st female pilot that ever flew through the Pacific Ocean, and cross over 48 states....hmmm~ dunknw whether i'm right or not...but watever la~ i notice that she got nice ass :) and kinda sexy too
The bad pharoah~ Khanmurah?!?
Stunning Owen Wilson
Dexter & Able (his new fren)
Even Lincoln is here
Three cute cupidos who love to sing
Is Jonas Brothers sing for the three cupidos?

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