Not Everyone got the Apple - Part 10

After the King managed to defeat the snakey queen, he return to his palace and thought that everything has gone back to peace. But out of his expect, the King's favourite worker, the sausage maiden is gonna have her fatal strike ever.

As mentioned before, Sheena was explode due to the resistance of Sam for a helping hand. She would like to kill Sam for a revenge to the Joker Boy whom Sam has defeat earlier on. But how can she kill Sam without any power. Sneakily as a rat, Sheena makes her plan with Tigra to outwit the Sausage Maiden. Slowly earning the trust of the sausage maiden, Sheena fought back and back stab on sausage maiden out of a sudden event.

To protect her own right of getting her apples, Sausage Maiden has to fight against Sheena who she trusted so much. On one fine day when Sam and MoiMoi have left the sausage factory, Sheena aimed for the chance and attack Sausage Maiden. Two of them fight in a combat at the factory. Sheena was no challenge to Sausage Maiden, but Tigra came to help!!! Together, the two bitches finally killed sausage maiden. They burried her and told the king that sausage maiden has left the kingdom. The king has ordered Icy Ice Maiden to look for sausage Maiden, but of course, sausage maiden was nowhere to be found.

But the sausage factory needs someone to take care of, and Sheena was promoted while Tigra was officially announced as Sheena's assistant. Together, they planned and hopefully one day they will manage to kill Sam. Poor old Sam~

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