Chinese Horoscope 2010 - Dog


The year of the tiger will be filled with many challenges to test your resilience and agility. You might consider having the motto “Never say die” this year. The challenges this year will not be any worse of from those of previous years. However, you might not get the adequate support from the relevant people this year. In addition to this, there will be many who will betray, back-stab, badmouth and even accuse you falsely. If you fall into a rut, those whom you thought you could trust might react indifferently to your predicament. All this will compound into a morbid picture of society for you. Do not allow this to distract you from your goals or make you any less confident of yourself. Instead of focusing on how others might be trying to isolate you, look inward to find the resources you need. You will have more than you need to handle the situations and the uncooperative people. While you give your best efforts and look pass the nasty side of matters, you will be rewarded with assistance along the way. Your health will be unstable and you will be prone to injuries. Relationship matters will be below average. Focus, be strong and be open-minded.


In the area of your career, it will be quite frustrating as you will seem to be fighting the battle alone. Although the challenges will be manageable, the inadequate support from the authority figures and indifferent peers will cause longer time to solve issues and will be demoralizing for you. In addition to this, people will tend to gossip, badmouth or accuse you. Your tendency to overlook details and forget things will not help matters. You might feel disappointed or even tired of people in general and the ugly side of humans will push you away. You might often question whether you should change jobs or even leave the corporate world altogether. It will be important for you to pull yourself together and focus on the matters at hand. Be positive, persevere and stay alert as any opportunities to help yourself will be precious and you will need to be receptive to them. This year will put your surviving skills to the test. Have confidence in yourself and you will do much better than you think.

If you are in business, you may find that it is physically and emotionally draining for you. You might need to handle a lot of matters on your own. Your business partners and associates might seem to be only able to help in a minimal way. There will be more backstabbing, betrayals and accusation this year by your competitors, associates, and even your own employees and you might want to protect yourself by ensuring that you have all your documents in place and avoid sharing confidential or sensitive information. Do not let your guard down. As your focus will be quite weak, you will tend to forget things. Not only will this give ill-intentioned people opportunities to attack you, you might also lose some clients or business opportunities. You might also want to pen down things and give more time to important matters instead of brushing them off. Although business might be slow this year, you will want to focus on building it up slowly by anchoring it to a very strong foundation. This will enable your business to take off naturally and very quickly once the opportunity comes along.


Your wealth luck will be below average. There will be signs of huge expenses and it might seem to be more difficult than usual to save money. Your wealth might seem to be slipping away easily. You will want to watch your expenses and try your best to save for rainy days. It is not advisable for you to engage in investments or gambling activities this year. If you would like to invest, it will be advisable to choose investments that are low risk. You might also want to gather investment information and investigate your leads before doing so. Avoid relying on others as there will be strong possibilities of them providing misleading information. You will want to focus on guarding what you have rather than making a bold move.


If you are single, the chances of meeting someone special will be quite slim. You might prefer to have more personal time for yourself to do what you enjoy or you will tend to keep to yourself. If you are already seeing someone or are married, the relationship will be unstable this year. There will be possibilities that both you and your partner might be so busy that you can only spend very little time together or both of you will have cold wars more often or for longer periods of time. There will also be many fierce arguments and you might regret those nasty words said but they will be detrimental. If disagreements are not handled properly, the relationship might end in a break up or separation. You will want to remind yourself to be patient with your partner and if there are any concerns, give each other time to sort matters out.


You will be prone to more commonly known illnesses such as colds and flu. Although they will be common, you will want to treat them before they escalate into something more severe. Prevention will always be better than treatment and you might want to work on building up your immune system. Another area that you might pay extra attention to will be that you will be prone to injuries such as bruises, fractures, sprains or related injuries. This might be related more to your daily activities. Thus, you might want to watch where you are going, avoid knocking into things or over straining yourself during exercises.


Many incidents that will occur in the year of the Tiger might keep reminding you of the ugly side of human beings. Apart from backstabbing, betrayals, badmouthing and accusations the indifference to your suffering might be the ultimate push that will send shivers down your spine. It might be tempting for you to slowly isolate yourself or even feel like running away from what you are supposed to do. Thus, you might want to be alert and avoid trusting or relying on others this year. Be resilient and stay focused on what you have to do and do not let others shift your perspective about life and people and cause you to hide away from people. Remember that others will be who they choose to be but you will not need to be like them. Even though many people might seem to be nasty to you, look closer among them and you will find a few who will be nice and supportive.

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November 6, 2009 at 3:33 PM

Year of the Tiger lama lagi la!


November 6, 2009 at 3:34 PM

Quoting the last sentence..... I'm sure Granny will continue to wave and whack with her tongkat ali, but it is out of love and care for your wellbeing. :)

p/s next year hor, pls remind me to bet the opposite of you when we are at Genting ya. You bet "tai", I'll bet "sai" hokay lolz


November 6, 2009 at 4:21 PM

hey i dowan to know Dog... I wanna to know Tiger ... give me Tiger :p


November 7, 2009 at 9:55 AM

i think u r born in dog year is it?


November 7, 2009 at 10:23 PM

wow... do you really believe in horoscope?? erm... anyway i gotta check out mine too hihihihi