The idiot who does not pay any respect

Attention please, kindly take note and remember this stupid fucking idiot who did not pay any respect to our Mount Kinabalu. Even though we know that it is not true of the earthquake got anything to do with ur stupid butt naked. But, please respect our culture! U fucking moron! 

How dare you posted this in your FB?
[Oh, Malaysia, why are your politicians so stupid?
Some deranged prick has linked earthquakes and mountaintop nudity. Well, apparently I am responsible for the 2015 Nepal quake, and whatever incoming quakes in Canada (as well as Thailand, India, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, and a variety of other countries...)]

Its ok u wanna humiliate yourself and be an idiot, but respect us. IDIOT

His fb
His name: Emil Kaminski 
Canadian who stays in HK
 he definitely looks like a monkey to me 

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