ANTM 21: Guys & Girls

Once again, bad ass Tyra decided to call the boys back into the model house and compete with the girls in this cycle. Making this cycle better than previous, Tyra brought back our favorite Ms Jay~ YAY !!! So so so happy to see him back to ANTM again and kicking out the useless Rob Evans ans retaining Kelly Cutrone :) Yu Tsai in another hand replaced Johnny Wujek, and i feel so so so relief not to see Bryanboy again~  
The 31 semifinalists
Top 3: Adam, Will & Keith
 Shei & Denzel
 Lenox & Adam
 Mirjana & Keith
Raelia & Will
Shei & Denzel
Will, Raelia & Matthew
Will & Kari
Chantelle & Matthew
Mirjana & Keith
Will & Matthew


Keith Carlos

The first even guy winner in ANTM, the "manaconda" Keith looks like the famous Tyson Beckford and definitely his face + body + big cock has make him getting few best pictures and high social media score~ Its obvious that Tyra & Kelly's saliva keep on drooling whenever they see manaconda on set. Even though he did took nice photo, but his performance is not consistence compare to other contestants. However, this is the first male who won the championship and it make all the guys in the world damn proud :)


Will Jardell

Will is a proud gay guy and he is so damn fine, as mentioned by a lot of the other contestants, Will is so pretty, he looks better than all the girls in this cycle, even straight guy like Matthew falls for him and they kiss each other. Well, the tall Will is my favorite in this cycle and I hope he can win, but his performance is also not that consistence as well, but I'm proud of him because he accept himself as what he is and staying pretty all these while~


Adam Smith 

So proud of this half asian fratboy who represent the asian and get in such a high place in this cycle~ For me, Adam has much more nicer body compare to other guys and he is a black horse in this competition. Starting from a fratboy who is bad in modelling till getting better and even get 2 best pictures continuously at the end of the competition; the flaw of Adam is that he drinks too much... Well, didn't he watched the previous cycle? Strong girl like Lisa D'Amato was eliminated due to her drinking problem in cycle 5, and she only success when she stop being an alcoholic in all star cycle~ But I hope Adam can get a good future in modelling line because he is really cute.

Lenox Tillman

Lenox is the last girl standing in this competition during final 4 with Keith, Will & Adam. Lenox took very very good photos but her personality is so timid and quiet. A few times she disappointed Tyra because she does not "try"~ Well, being a good model has to be a chameleon right? Hope she can build more confidence in herself and get better in the coming days...

Andrea "Shei" Phan

Another proud half Asian in this cycle, Shei. She looks very sexy before her makeover, and her drastic change make her look outstanding in the America; but it didn't really helps her in the Seoul when the competition went over there. Shei took good photos as well, but not that great compare with Lenox seriously. So even though i hope she win, but it was kinda expected when she was eliminated during the top5. But if compare her with other Asian girl (April Wilkner cycle 2; Sheena Sakai cycle 11+all star; Jennifer An cycle 13) throughout the series of cycle, Shei is definitely one of the strongest among them all~

Raelia Lewis

OMG, Raelia is so damn fine~ I love her when she first appeared in the cycle, she's so tall and her body is so perfect. But after her makeover, i feel like she was drag down a bit... She was doing quite well and i definitely thought she will be one of the top 3, but too bad, a few bad pictures drag her down and she was eliminated before the comeback contestant~ Ummm... seriously i hope she will change her hair rather than this alfro thingy

Chantelle Young

The comeback contestant who has vitiligo and was discovered by Tyra. We understand her attitude of being protective due to her skin problem, but she definitely rub the others in the wrong way, even Yu Tsai get fed up of her. Well, nobody has to feel sorry if you have certain illness or disability, the matter is, you have to act normal and friendly if u wanna work in this industry. Or else, her uniqueness in the skin problem might help her win this competition, because we all know Tyra "love to help" ~ lol

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