Asia's Next Top Model - Cycle 3

Asia Next Top Model Cycle 3 is back in Singapore and with new lead judge Georgina Wilson together with Alex Perry, while Joey Mead King is still in the panel of judges. The quality of the contestants this cycle vary, some are extremely poor while some are good. You can define from the first 2 episodes that who will become the top 5 and most of my guesses are correct :)

The group photo
Lorretta, Barbara & Aimee

Melissa, Gani & Celine

Amanda, Franchesca & Monika

KB, Rani, Tahlia & Kiana

Cycle 3 Winner


One of the strong competitor in this cycle, she is the one with the most unique and asian face that I have high hope for. Her personality might be a bit shy, but she was not afraid to pose and perform well in this competition. Seriously, during the final 3, I was holding my breath and super super hope that she will win the title. And when Georgina announce Gani as the winner, I was so happy that I shout out Hooray~ So so so happy she won and she is the first Indonesian to won Asia Next Top Model, proud of her !!!


This may be the 3rd cycle that a Philippino came so close to the top but did not win the title for the Next Top Model. Monika is one of the strong competitor against Gani. Shooting multiples great photo and very consistence in her performance, she struggle a bit during her final photo shooting and i think this might be the reason which cause her to loss in the end. Both Georgina & Joey are from Philippines but no bias was taken to side Monika when coming to decide who is the winner~ 


First time ever, a Singaporean contestant climb to such a high spot in Asia Next Top Model. Aimee has a very very beautiful and elegant look which i love so much. But her plump figure didn't help her a lot in this competition, she's not plus size yet she is not fit enough for most of the designer clothes. This is risking her position in the competition especially when the judges consider that it might come to a problem when sending her out to the Europe market if she win...


Not sure whether this is fate or what, this is the 3rd time a Japanese contestant become the 4th place in the competition. Barbara is full of experience and one of the oldest competitor together with Melissa, 27 years old. She is very pretty to look at but was frame with her old experience and did not give surprise to the judges at all. Some of the time she was even too expectable, even I will know what kind of pose she will be posing... 


Tahlia, a very sexy Indonesian contestant who discover her breast lump during the competition. She was worried and due to her health condition, it distract her and she perform badly and got herself eliminated. Tahlia performance fluctuated a lot in this competition, she did get best picture in one of the week, but the next week she was out of the competition~


She was very strong and pose fiercely in the competition. But stupid Subaru Glenn Tan insulted her badly and calling her a zebra while critics her not suitable to become the spokesperson for Subaru. Even though we can see all of the judges feel pity for Melissa to leave the competition, but stupid Subaru is the biggest client, and the judges force to let go of this potential competitor in this cycle~

Amanda Chan - Philippines

Kirsteen "KB" Barlow - Hong Kong 

Franchesca Lagua - Philippines

Celine Duong - Vietnam

Lorretta Chow - Hong Kong

Rani Ramadhany - Indonesia 

Kiana Guyon - Thailand

Shareeta Selvaraj - Malaysia

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