Not everyone got the Apple - Part 12

The evil queen has finally went over to meet the Kasha King for arrangement. With her beautiful appearance, the queen seduced the Kasha King of having an affair with her. The bond stated when the Kasha took over the ancient kingdom, the Moon's gang will be protected and they shall be given all the portion of apples. Kasha King agreed.

Being as idiot as the king can be, lots of loyal eldest included the icy ice maiden advice the king that the queen is going to betray him. But the king was so stubborn and did not listen to any of them. He even put some of them in jail. Feeling dissapointed and sad, icy ice maiden just remain silence and went back and pray the war will not come.

In the meanwhile, the Moon's gang become more rampant and grab others' apples as much as they can. The ancient kingdom has become a mess!!! Everyone is worried, but nobody knows that the Kasha will attack as all the eldest are being warn by the queen to keep quiet. Sam the pianist is also worry about his own apples, what should he do?

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