Not everyone got the Apple - Part 11

Days passed by, a lot of elders were disappeared. Nobody knows what happened except for the Moon's gang. And out of curiousity, what is the Moon's gang? And what is the disappearance have to do with the gang?

The moon gang was form by the evil queen who manipulates the king's decision in this ancient kingdom. The king only listen to his queen and the evil eunuch who's brain-wash him everyday. The queen feel like she's the moon during the night who rules over the kingdom, therefore she form the moon's gang. Surprisingly Tigra is one of her sidekick.

The queen always wanted to become the king but yet there's still some elders who she can't kill have continue and repeating remind the king to aware of the queen. Until one fine day, the queen make her decision, she will be the only controller in this kingdom. She wanna kill the king, but the king is powerful with his authority too. To smoothen her plan, the queen has make an evil agreement with the nasty emperor from the Kasha Kingdom not far away.

Eventually the plan was, with the help of attack from Kasha, the queen will arrange an assassin to kill the king during the war and she will become the king and then will bond an agreement with Kasha for the future peace. But will the Kasha king betray after his attack? And who will get the final apple? We will wait and see.

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March 10, 2010 at 10:20 PM

so came the queen can kill king...沒天理