TVB calendar 2009

Every year TVB will shoot its own calendar to boost up the news and as an advertisement for its own actors & actresses. I think a lot of u watched this b4, jst wanna share wif some of u...

The 4 most "adorable pets" of TVB ... Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui. Different from previous year, TVB did not use the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of Ms Hong Kong in January 2009...

All the old actresses gather in this month. Although with the red background and cheongsam for the CNY festival~ but, didnt tvb knw tat 2009 CNY will be on January??? Weird right? And Nancy Sit is just so weird with the yellow...luckily she got a sweet smile on her face :)

Sweetheart Charmaine Sheh & Sonija Kwok coupled up with Roger Kwok & Michael Miu... Charmaine still wears the best compare to Sonija~ means tat she is more important than other actresses in TVB
3 of them dress up like BOND series actors :) Love the way Myolie open her mouth and a gorgeous look in her eyes~
Feel sickening whn i saw this month pic~ yuck!!! Shirley Yeung, Selene Li & Yoyo Mung is like a "cheap-$5-for twice" hooker... really wanna puke when i look at these...The worst of all 12
Like a happy family in month of June. But why let Huang De Pin wear all those clothes? He should be topless and show off his muscle for the audiences. Isn't this is wat tvb use him for???
Not so special for month of July~ just a word -- Boring !!!
Yo~ all the sexy babes in August :) Although Nancy Wu is the shortest, but the white swimming suit make her so damn sexy~ :p Farah is a bit down in here... Yong Shao Wai, our Ms Malaysia.... can't she just smile properly ???
Looking classy and a bit of vintage~ my favourite Zheng Xiu Chao still in the middle of attnention~ while Michael Tse seems like faded away ... The girls look smart as well with all those suits :)
October is damn simple~ Like the way Maggie Siu lie on that block with her smoky-eyelashes. Bernice is too stiff~ Bobby and Gallen Lo is just like some old stupid ka-le-fei who pose behind~ but this shouldn't be like tat :(
Frm the most popular drama "Zhu Gong Bo Hei"~ 4 main actors continue to pose for the crown of next year. Gigi has the best features among all other actresses. It will be a waste tat she left tvb. Hope she will come back soon
As usual, Lisa will still be the old lady who gets all the attention !!! This time, she was rounded up by a bunch of good looking hunks~ i think she must be happy and posing her 60++ body at there with the glamorous red gown.
Just feel like the 2009 calendar is mostly in black colors, not like 2008~ i prefer the 2008 calendar actually... Looks more colorful and energetic.
Artists who are not in 2009 calendar
01) Esther Kwan - Back home to take care of her baby
02) Xia Yu - Becoz he didn't sign up the contract?
03) Jessica Hester Hsuan - No more a permanent tvb artist
04) So Yuk Hwa - As usual, not included
05) Leila Tong - I really hope she will got the chance
06) Hu Nuo Yin - Where's the cute hunk ???
07) Chen Jian Feng - Got kick out frm the calendar for the 2nd year dy...
08) Wu Mei Han - Pregnant lady is not allow :P
09) 2008 Mr HK - Where is he ???
10) Lam Mun Long - He's no where in the pic when he broke up with Kenix

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fish ball -- i feel the same way too~ i prefer they shoot somethng hot and sexy

wayne -- myolie is not as bad as shirley yeung i think ....

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darn... where's the wushu?


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khao -- wushu? wat do u mean?


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olden type movies with martial arts :)