~*~ Vanity Lair ~*~

Been marathonly watching a reality show made in England, Vanity Lair~

I like this show damn lot, because it talks about Beautiful People :)
And beautiful people just can't simply resists to watch this~ am i right? :P

I still remember what the host Alexa Chung said ...
"What will happen when the beautiful people turn ugly?"
Just because of the 100 million pounds??? Hmm~ guess???

The shows start off with 10 beautiful people living in the lair~ they are: Kasey, Shani, Andrew, Stephanie, Scott, Tony, Vanessa, Pavle, Nick & Larissa. Every week, there will be 3 or 4 rivals coming in. The 10 beutiful people will then have to kick out 1 rivals based on their 1st impression on them. Then the rest of the rivals will join in the lair for 3 days.
In these 3 days, the rivals and the beautiful people will have to impress each others. On the 3rd day, the judgement day, 10 beautiful people will then decide who they want to stay with them. The lucky chosen one will then have to decide to kick out one original beautiful people to replace him/her in the final 10 seats.

Those who stay till the final week will stand a chance to win the 100 million pounds.


Good looking hunk Jonny is a market sales assistant~ he's in the series on the 4th week. i like his eyes~ its so damn adorable. He does put on a lot of eyelashes... and been flirting around with Candice, Lizzie, Larissa & Bianca in the show. Cool! the gals jst seems to like him :)

I like this cute blond hunk the most :) 24yo Thomas is a fashion designer. Although he doesnt looks good in this photo, but he is damn damn damn cute and adorable in the show. His body is not fit nor firm, but he just like to show off :) He is the 1st rival who join in the show after he kicked off Stephanie. He won the 1st challenge, which is the most good looking face base on simetry and scientific base.

While Vanessa who studies Human Resource Management is the gal i like the most in this show. i like the tone of her skin, look so flawless and nice :) she didnt talk much, but alwayz straight to the point, i jst love her attitude. She was in the 3rd place in the final result

Larissa, a glamour model with huge 36C boobs is fun and energetic. I just love the way she swings her booty. cool and very sexy instead :) she was a bit slutty in the show and sleep with a few guys. she's been fighting with Kasey since the 6 weeks because Kasey claims tat Larissa like to use her sex appeal to win in this games. Interesting huh?!?

Pavle, an intelligent architect student who is damn good in mathematics look stunning and cool. Same like Vanessa, he didnt talk much and he definitely steal my breath away when he won the most sexy lairmates in a challenge.

Kasey, a black model with blond hair. i thought it was weird at 1st, but her lively personality made me falled in her later on. She doesnt look good after she took off all her make-up~ indeed a bit scary :P she refuse to took off her make up even when she needs to sleep. Other lairmates think she was playing the game, but actually she was not. In the end, she got 9th place in the final~ sad

Tony, the teenage model from Boho Agency Modelling was one of the original 10 beautiful people from the start. He mentioned that he would rather loss his leg instead of his hair !!! So ridiculous. But in the scientific beauty challenge, he was the last, feel ashame of himself, he just puke~ gosh. this boy really love himself so much until he cant accept tat he looks ugly. He was kicked out in the 2nd week after people found out that he was playing the games

I know wat u guys are gonna react after u see her photo. Can she consider to be one of the beautiful people too? Hell no~ but this 1 baby mother just simply have a bubbly and loud personality which make her look so pretty if u get to know her. This make me thought of christina aguilera song~ you're beautiful, in every single way~

A chubby but pretty red hair Lizzie is a club stripper :P i think the reason she won as one of the rivals is because tat particular week's rivals are mostly bad quality. She quickly falls for Jonny when she entered the lair. She was then kicked out by Candice who views her as a rival becoz these 2 bitches wanna grab Jonny for themselves!!! And too bad, Lizzie has to packed her things after one week of staying in the vanity lair
A cute black guy with the boombastic hair :p he has a sharp features, but i think he has a short tounge.... he was playing the games with Tony to kicked out others like Nick & Solomon. i like the way he dressed up as a fireman when he try to play sexy~ hmmm...so seducing :P
Kristina is a lesbian mother with a single kid. She looks like a mix~ but her skin is not good at all...she's ok for me, but not really like her
A gay hairstylist who won the 2nd place in the final... He was helping everyone with their hair through out the whole show after he won the rivals challenge
Iain, a twin with Martin who both come in the rivals challenge. He outcast his twin and got into the lair. They pronounce his name as ian~ but kind of difficult to read actually. He stayed in the lair for one week and was kicked out by Nicole later
A typical english-look-gal, Candice. I really really dislike her. i think she's not qualified in this show at all, she look worst among the all, even worse then Nicole. But in the final, she won a tied together with Vanessa in the 3rd place. YUCK!!! she was so short and dun even mention abt her body figure, coz she has none. But she successfully flirt with Jonny and kicked off her rival Lizzie
Shanni is the current Ms London. I thought she was pretty at 1st, but get boring with her soon~ luckily she was kicked off by Jonny in a few weeks then :)
Homosexual Scott is just so so for me, but the lairmates find him sexy and adorable~ issit?
Final rivals Emma is a model who came in the 9th week. She was luckly to come in at the 9th week, becoz if she was in earlier~ she definitely will be kicked out. She has a bitchy attitude and quite a shallow thinking.
I like Bianca's face. She look quite pretty. She's a rival who lost in the challenge because she was so quiet and refuse to flirt with all the guys. In the end, she loss to Nicole in entering the lair
Wow, there's lots more beautiful people whom i didnt mention about~ but i kind of like this show vey much...hope to watch the season 2 asap
Cheers for all the beautiful people :)

4 who am I - questions:


December 26, 2008 at 10:37 PM

feel like the show quite interesting... actually im the reality show lover... so where can get this show??? haha!!! cant wait to watch it!

  Vin vin

December 26, 2008 at 11:51 PM

i jz watch dis show dis morning,
i think is rerun show,
is bout ncole been kick out,
but actually i don really know dis show...
jz suddenly switch to tat channel,
but from ur introduction, feel like it is not bad, so might thinking to watch, when is it run ?


December 30, 2008 at 9:59 AM

zhu ba jie -- i watched it frm astro channel [V]~ so i'm not sure whether u can download it or not....

vin vin -- thanx for visiting... i happened to watch the preview b4 the show starts...and its a marathon frm 9pm till 7am the next day~ and i jst watch it :P i'm not sure whether it's gonna show it again~


December 30, 2008 at 11:23 AM

That is interesting.... wonder when i have the time to enjoy it