L² went Thai: ChiangMai + ChiangRai + Pai + Lamphun

Sawadeekap, I almost forgot to blog about this trip which happened in Sept 2015 hehe... At first I was busy tidying up all the pictures and trying to find those picture without me and my friends, but lol, we love to selfie "wefie" too much and there are not much pictures with just pure scenery lol~ After tat I get busy with the year end job till now... So let's have a look at these picture (so few of them)...

Oh ya, it happened during my birthday :) So happy to have my friends to celebrate my birthday together for the first time at oversea, thank you krap~
No matter which part of Thai
Temples are always the place to visit
 The beautiful color changing clock tower
 My favorite fried squid
 The best Char Koay Teow i have in Thai so far
Of course, not able to compare with my hometown Penang's hehe
 The awesome Singha Park
 Really love it here, so refreshing
 Look like New Zealand huh?
 With my fav Giraffe here~
 White Temple is the main reason I fly all my way here
Heard that it has been ruined a bit due to the earthquake previously
So i must must must come and visit it now before too late
 This "umbrella" is make of those silver tingling thingy
 Don't forget the famous beautiful gold toilet in the white temple
A lot of news saying that those "CHXXA" tourist
Has dirty this holly places
Luckily its not being "damage" yet...
 After White Temple, Black Temple is another must see spot
This black temple is only allowed to visit before 5pm / 6pm
Rumors say that it is haunted after the sunset
Is it true?
 A lot of weird thing inside
But i did not blog it coz we are doing selfie with it haha
How about have a look at some glam thing instead?
The Golden Bird, nice huh?
 A lot of drums and animal skeleton around here
The best is, there is a big snake and scary owl at this place
 Next, we went to visit the long neck village at Chiangrai
 Pretty long neck girl doing their sewing job at the hut
 Pai is more modern with a lof of cute & funny things
Such as the Strawberry Farm
 Fantastic TreeHouse
The UpsideDown house

Sorry folk for the late post ... I will remember to do so on my next trip, stay tune :)

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