ANTM 22: Guys & Girls

Well, when Tyra Banks announced this is the final season of ANTM, i'm reluctant to watch this cycle actually... If i don't watch it, then ANTM forever won't be going to the end in my life... but :( I'm just lying to myself and in the end i finish the whole season as well lol~ Unlike the previous few cycle, the social media score is no longer applicable in this competition which i feel is much more better...
Yu Tsai, Kelly Cutrone, J Alexander, Tyra Banks

Delanie & Nyle

Mame & Justin

Mikey & Courtney

Bello & Lacey

Hadassah & Dustin

Ashley & Devin

Ava & Stefano

Cycle 22 WINNER


A 25yo good looking deaf guy won this final season. He is so damn fine that I wish to give him all of me and let him do whatever he wants with me lol~ just kidding... Not to be prejudice or anything, but can Nyle really be ANTM? Sorry to say that he will not be able to become a "speak" model for a product, but i believe he will continue to rocks on the photography & runway like how he does~



This black beauty is one of my favorite girl in this cycle. Part of the reason is that she's with my boy Justin, another reason is that she shot plenty of good photos and quite sometime ANTM did not appeared such a strong black girl who is real good in modeling~ But Mame, please stop your slutty behavior and do not hurt my Justin or I will hunt you down and slit your throat lol~


The ever flirtatious Mikey looks good on the outer part but he definitely won't be a good loyal man to his girl for sure. But this is a modeling competition, so I still feel that he's not bad, but maybe in future he can show us more than what he has in his pants than I think he will be famous, or else... too many this kind of look of models in this market, who will remember him?


The so called virgin from El Dorado... I like her look and she definitely win my votes for her... But being a virgin, will it help her in getting more contract in the modeling industry? Stop dreaming girl, get laid and have more sex, think it might do you better in your modeling skill~


Yummy Justin should be everyone favorite in this cycle. His small eyes and nice body not only attracted a lot of boys & girls, even Mame is eyeing for him and can't stop herself to have a good taste on this Asian Jocks~ who doesn't want him? Unless you are lying to yourself :P


Big juicy breast pageant queen has the most juiciest body among the girls. Not sure why Tyra give her such a hideous make-over, but luckily she managed to rocks it and still able to climb herself to such a top place in this competition... good work juicy tits :)  


This monster boy shows us that he himself can be a model, but i don't think so... He might has a big cock, but just imagine he post nude with a finger in his mouth makes me wanna puke. And before make over, i feel like wanna give him a good slap on that stupid hair... I would glad to see if Tyra shave his head bald like Cory in cycle 20


Everybody who has Tumblr or Twitter should has already seen Mr McNeer's nice juicy cock~ No doubt he might looks good in naked or underwear, but not really if he's in clothes or high fashion industry... Dustin, show us more naked photos pls~

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