China's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

To be frank, I watched this before but I stop after the first episode because I feel that the pictures are lousy and not good at all. But after a few months, I decided to give it a try, and hey~  its actually not that bad... No doubt that some of the picture shots copied from ANTM, but this is the first cycle for China, so its ok~

Yin Ge 殷歌

The first cycle winner... but it happened that she did not get the prize of the competition, which is the contract of NEXT Model Management & contract with Pantene because she was sign pre-showed. Hmmm... maybe this is the rules of NTM in China because I didn't see that its a big deal anyway. Basically this girl rocks the whole show, she never down in the bottom two except on the final 3 and every week she delivers great photo compare to the other girls.

Wang Jia 王佳

For me, she looks a bit similar like Yin Ge to me, their hairstyle are opposite after makeover. Wang Jia is a bit more bubbly compare to Yin Ge, however she shot really nice pic, and the MGM couture pic is so fabulous~ even her runway walk is so strong and she stomped her way through the watery runway~

Yan Xue Qian 閻雪芊

I'm sorry, this girl never come to my mind for going so far in this competition. Even at the final 3, I was like... wtf~ her gain of weight has become a serious issue for her and the judges think that her fatty ass could not represent China to strike the international runway, therefore, out she go~

Zhu Feng 朱楓

She's the only girl that makes me feel like her personality is strong and of course she can take good picture as well. But when she went into the final 3, she quit and left the competition... speechless~ I really don't understand her, she got the big chance to win, but.... lol~

Ma Shu Yi 馬舒怡

She was very sweet looking and kinda feel like a celebrity to me, she was the first one to be eliminated in the competition. But due to Liu Wen Jing's quitting (pregnancy), Ma Shu Yi was welcome back into the competition and immediately she was fierce and set up a high limit for other girls~

Wu Mei Ting 吳美廷

I kinda like her, feel that she looks very healthy to me. But the judges keep on saying she doesn't looks like a model in real person but her picture is good~ I thought she can go quite far in the competition but, seriously, i'm not sure what's the reason she was eliminated~

Tanya Zy 坦雅

She was originated from Russia. Even though its a hit to have a caucasian participating in the competition, but don't you think that 28 to become a model is a bit too old? And she stays in Taipei, is that even consider as part of Taiwan yet?

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