Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 5

Australia Next Top Model is getting better each cycle. Girls in this cycle 5 are adequately good as one another and it makes the competition so fierce and make me so hot whenever i'm watching it. Replacing Johdi Meares is supermodel Sarah Murdoch while Charlette Dawson & Alex Perry as judges.
Top 3
Tahnee, Clare & Cassi

Cycle 5 Winner

Tahnee Atkinson

Being young and curvy, Tahnee's dream is to become a Victoria Secret Runwau model, not sure whether she suceeded or not, but she definitely has what it takes to become Australia Next Top Model. Together with Clare & Cassi, 3 of them are my favorite since the beginning of the show and yay~ they did make it to the top 3 and i believe she will be a swim wear model in future~

1st Runner Up

Cassi Van Den Dungen

She's the most rude girl in this cycle, being as crazy and as loud as she can, she definitely make this cycle a "must watch" everytime she appeared. Even though she was hated by all the girls in the cycle and everyone wish she can be send home, Cassi surprise the judges every week with her absolutely gorgeous photo... Seriously, she is so good that I almost forgive her bad behavior on it. Well, she's still young, what can we expect from her by this age right? Just hope that she can be a successful model in future... 

2nd Runner Up

Clare Venema

This blond smooth icy Clare is so chic and high fashion, i just love her so much~ She is well known of the fashion industry and we can see that she's hunger of the prize. Each week she deliver great picture that keep her safe until the top 3, but on her top 3 picture, her vulnerability look makes her lose her chances of becoming Australia Next Top Model.

4th Place

Adele Thiel

The dark horse of this competition, Adele has shown the judges that she is not the "one-look" girl but she can be as good as the other girls. Starting the competition not that strong and being stiff is a strong strategy; luckily her fair skin match her red hair makes her stand out and definitely she is those "Chanel" girl look~

5th Place

Francesca "Franky" Okpara 

I love her look, even way before the make over. But after make over, her look definitely pop out and so striking~ During the make over time, she cried and being a drama queen, insisting she rather to be send home then chopped off her hair~ lol~ if she was send home by that time, definitely there's a waste and the show will not become so drama either :p

7th Place

Laura Mitchell  

The first Asian girl in Australia Next Top Model, definitely she wins my support. She's not those typical beauty, but she portraits healthy and tough looking to me. I don't really agree on her make over because it makes her look not so good before her make over. I rather they keep her long hair, with big wavy perm instead which will makes her look better~

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