Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 3

The 3rd cycle of Australia Next Top Model is so much different than the 1st 2 cycles, not only the competition stake grows up a lot, everything done is much more professional as well. Jodhi Meares has replaced Erika Heynatz as the lead judge in this cycle; more drama compare to the last cycle and the winner of this cycle is still doing good in the fashion industry till now.
 Group Shot
Back: Cassandra, Cobi, Sophie, Alice, Jordan
Center: Jaimi, Paloma, Steph H, Jane
Front: Anika, Danica, Steph F

Cycle 3 Winner
Alice Burdeu

From the beginning of this cycle, i already foreseen that she will be the winner. Having roughly the similar look like Ann Ward (America Next Top Model Cycle 15's winner), this is what the fashion industry is looking for right now... She is tall & quirky, but she photograph so well that the camera loves her so much... She can't do wrong in any shoot! Read her profile and i am so glad that until now (2007 till now), Alice is still doing well in the fashion industry, bravo~

1st Runner Up
Stephanie Hart

No doubt that she is cute and fresh, but for me, she is not the girl that i see that can run long in this industry, her look is not unique enough to make a great impact on her career. Definitely i'm not expecting she come this far in the competition. But well, overall she's still ok for me, just nothing special, really!

2nd Runner Up
Jordan Loukas

Sassy looking kind of girl, i love her~ she's cool and she's fresh for me. Not sure why she's not able to defeat Steph H and go into the final 2... but i'm proud of her for getting so far in the competition. She was voted as the best by the audience and i think she definitely deserves it.

 4th Place
Anika Salerno

The big boobies Anika has the similar hot body like Stefanie Wilson (British Next Top Model's 2nd runner up). For me, sometime her boobs seems too big and i'm wondering whether it suits the fashion industry or not. Overall her performance is not bad but just not outstanding enough to win her the title.

5th Place 
Paloma Rodriguez

The ultimate 16yo diva, or should i say bitch, of this competition. She's a totally 100% drama queen and i feel like slapping her face everytime the camera shows her face. She's nasty and she's fake but this bitch definitely take some good picture, but i think her personality and behavior is going to bring her down...

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