Britain's Next Top Model - Cycle 4

I was not ready to watch BNTM cycle 4 as i'm not able to find the first 3 cycles at all, but in the end i decided not to wait it anymore as i know Catherine is fierce from ANTM. Lisa Snowdon is the lead judge while new judges joined in from this cycle, Huggy Ragnarsson & Gerry Deveaux. Before the make over, the girls are quite normal, but after it, they look fabulous and the competition bars raise up high.

Let's have a look at the seductive co-shot in naked.
 Leanne & Catherine

 Lauren & Lisa

 Stefanie & Alex

 Musayeroh & Louise

 Aaron & Martha

Charlotte & Rachel

Cycle 4 Winner

Alexandra "Alex" Evans

Alex is so beautiful no matter she has long or short hair. But during her make over, she makes a big drama when they wanna cut off her long hair... Luckily she get through or else this girl is gonna regret for her whole life. I know she would be in the top 3 and i was happy that she won in the end.

Runner Up

Catherine Thomas

The beautiful Era Descent Queen Catherine came in at the runner up in this cycle. Her look is really really unique and sexy for me. She's the reason i wanna watch this BNTM. I already knew that she is in the top of the pack, so there's not much surprise when i see her continuously shooting fabulous photo throughout the competition...  

3rd Place

Stefanie Wilson

Bootilicious Stefanie has the best body in the bunch, her boobs are so juicy that everyone might wanna have a taste of it lol... Actually i was praying for her to be getting naked more, but too bad this is not happening...

4th Place

Rachel Cairns

In my heart, i wanted her to be the winner. But i feel that emotional feeling flip flop like crazy, Gerry the judge even say she is fake. Rachel shoot plenty of nice pictures but too bad she was not able to make it to the final 2...   

5th Place

Charlotte Denton

Seriously i'm a bit doubt of Charlotte's ability to go into the final 5. For me, Leanna or Lynzi is better than her. Charlotte is a bit normal and her photos are not special enough to make herself outstanding.

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