ANTM 20: Guys & Girls

ANTM has gone cycle 20 and Tyra Banks has out of idea and brought in some hot man into the show instead. 8 Guys + 8 Girls rules the show and Tyra of coz girls win again this cycle, no doubt right?
 Kelly Cutrone, Johnny Wujek, Tyra Banks, Rob Evans, Bryanboy

 Jeremy & Jourdan

 Jeremy & Renee

 Kanani & Jiana

Cory, Chris H. & Don

 Chlea & Marvin

Cory & Jiana

Nina & Phil 

Chris S. & Cory 

 Renee & Cory

 Renee & Jourdan

Chris H. & Jourdan

 Jeremy & Jourdan

Final 3: Marvin, Cory & Jourdan

Cycle 20 Winner

Jourdan Miller

19yo Jourdan is the tallest among all contestant... She doesn't look model to me, but when she photograph, she is hot and fierce. Jourdan has a chameleon look and blonde seems to suit her a lot. But seriously i don't like the way she treated Jeremy, though she has a bad relationship before, but it doesn't mean she has the right to hurt a cute guy like Jeremy...

Second Place

Marvin Cortes

I'm not a big fans of Marvin in the beginning,  but after i saw him cry, my heart goes to him :) He is such a sweet boy, love his feeling for his father and how he treated all the boys as his best friends (except Chris H.) in the competition... This Hispanic boy has beautiful bone structure and he really looks high fashion to me. His mouth is a bit big, but it match his figure so right... 

3rd Place

Cory Hindorff

Poor Cory, eliminated 20 minutes before the final runway. Though i pity him in this situation, but for me, i don't think he's good enough to be in the final 3 actually. For me, he is just a prank for the show :P 

Chris Hernandez

My favorite contestant in this cycle, i love his look, i love his body, i even love his weird attitude. Actually its not weird, i understand his past because i been through it too. Chris, u will be strong and have a good future in modelling, believe in yourself please...

Renee Bhagwandeen

2nd strongest female in this competition, for me, she's not as good as Nina... But of coz, the show let her stays on because they got something to shoot between her and Marvin... Don't u think so? Picture wise? Do you think she is that good? i don't think so... 

Nina Burns

Big eyes that look like Allison, but Nina's is bigger! Its a bit scary though~ But i love her cute and sweet personality. She's so adorable, and her photos are fabulous too~ Its a bit wasted she was eliminated earlier than Renee, coz i think Nina is so much stronger in this competition... 

Jeremy Rohmer

The male contestant who come back due to social media voting after being eliminated. Having the best body in the bunch, he was criticize of not knowing how to pose and make his body pop in the camera...Seriously he's not really high fashion for me, commercial maybe yes... But his juicy virgin nipples are so nice to look at 

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