Asia's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

Tyra Banks goes all her way to Asia this time! This is a cross regional competition which ga ther 14 girls from 13 countries to participate. Prizes are quite rich which includes a modeling contract with top modeling agency Storm Model Management in UK; All the expenses paid working trip to London for 3 months are covered; To be the cover of Haper's Bazaar Singapore; Cash prize of SGD 100,000; New face of Canon Ixus 2013 campaign; and drive away a brand new Subaru XV.   

I'm a bit surprising on the selection of girls in this competition, a lot of the girls has modelling experiences while some of them has none. Age range wise, Jessica & Jee are so much older than the rest...

 Back: Jessica, Kate, Filantropi, Sofia, Trang,
Jee, Helena, Stephanie
Front: Melissa, Bei Si, Rachel,
Monica, Kyla, Aastha
 Panel judges: Daniel Boey, Nadya Hutagalung,
Joey Mead King, Todd Anthony Tyler

Let see some group photoshoot during the competition...
 Filantropi, Kate, Helena, Monica

 Jessica, Jee, Stephanie, Rachel, Melissa

 Aastha, Trang, Sofia, Bei Si

Cycle 1 Winner

Jessica Amornkuldilok (Thailand)

Jessica was in her age 27 during this competition, her aim is simple, is to get this title before she's too late/old. For me, she's one of the best girl in the competition, she has continuously get best photo during the cycle and a few challenges as well. I was kinda worry for her on the final 3, i thought she will not win, but of course i've been praying for her haha~ and finally she became the 1st ever Asia Next Top Model's winner.

Kate Ma (Taiwan)

Being on her age 22, Kate is so goofy at the beginning of the stage. She was called by Nadya not to hop when she walk in front of the judges and make her do it again; Kate was also scolded by Daniel before on the boxing shoot, where Kate was playing and punching around. As the competition goes by, she was more alert and improved a lot, but still maintain her bubbly personality. For me, i think that Kate do communicate in good english (compare to a lot of Taiwanese who can't even speak english)... But of course some slang and grammar problems ought to be forgive :)


Stephanie Retuya (Philippines)

Stephanie is already a mother on the 23 yo, she has a special look which is very attractive but yet you won't get bored if look at it for too long. Stephanie has hit the record of being in the bottom 2 for 5 times during the competition, however she was not casted out. Is it because the main judge Nadya think that she got potential?

Sofia Wakabayashi (Japan)

Sofia is my favorite girls in this competition. Though she's only 24yo, but her height and figure makes her look kinda matured, yet she looks elegant too. Sofia is a model who can do vogue but not really into commercial, which i think she looks kinda serious on it~

Helena Chan (Hong Kong)

Being in her 22yo, Helena is very aggressive and her "not-to-be-defeated" personality won her a "BITCH" title throughout this competition. Even the judges thinks that her personality won't bring her far in this industry. But of course Helena being a Eurasian has a big advantage in the HK modelling market, and her outrageous body and sweet face will still bring her some work in the modelling field...

Aastha Pokharel (Nepal)

Its actually good to see a girl represent Nepal, Aastha in her 20yo is so exotic and pretty. I'm not sure how is the modelling market in Nepal, but definitely winning this will be perfect for her to expose to the outside world. Too bad, her timid personality doesn't bring her far in this competition...

 Melissa Thng - Malaysia

Rachel Erasmus - India

Filantropi Witoko - Indonesia

Jee Choi - South Korea

Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang - Vietnam

Bei Si Liu - China

Monica Benjaratjarunun - Thailand

Kyla Tan - Singapore

2 who am I - questions:


March 24, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Definitely. Jessica has the most potential. LOL But dont really fancy about Melissa.


March 24, 2013 at 11:07 PM

lol me too, she sounds so ah lian whn she talks~