ANTM - My Fav Top 50 Photoshoot

 01. Yoanna House, Cycle 2
Love this photo shoot of hers, the most memorable for me. Her green eyes are so perfect, i feel like i was electrified whenever i see her photo. She just blew me away. See how fabulous she can get without fancy makeup & hairstyle, she still rocks this photo.
 02. Elyse Sewell, Cycle 1
Her eyes, its the eyes that attracted me. Her smooth skin add on with the silky white snake is so perfect. But other colors of snake might not be able to give this kind of effect. Love this photo shoot, she definitely looks perfect in this.

 03. Eva Pigford, Cycle 3
She cries cries & cries when she heard that the photoshoot will be with a tarantula. The whole picture is to sell the jewelry, and seriously she makes it. Her eyes, the position of her fingers and the tarantula, all came in perfectly, as if the photoshoot is meant to be this way.

 04. Brittani Kline, cycle 16
This photoshoot of her makes me fall in love with her at that moment. Her face always make me feel like she's kinda petite compare to other models, but she's actually quite tall. Her neck & shoulder position in a way that is so weird yet so high fashion.

 05. Samantha Potter, Cycle 11
If she doesn't put her hands at that way, if she doesn't tip her toes like that, if she doesn't bend her knees like that, if this photo was not in black and white, the whole photo will just be in plain and nothing special. Samantha makes it hot by doing all these.

 06. Molly O'Connell, Cycle 16
The very first shoot of Molly and is the best of the bunch for me. I love her jawline and the way she looks into the camera, it just connected and flipping her hair like this seriously is so old fashion, but Molly makes it right and make it perfect.

 07. Naima Mora, Cycle 4
Hell yeah, my most fav photo in cycle 4. Look how fierce her eyes are and the position of her whole body is so similar like the silence hunter, leopard. Holding the product like this definitely hot and it makes me attracted to her long beautiful leg.

 08. Nnenna Agba, Cycle 6
She's the most prettiest bald girls in all cycle. As a beautiful African woman, her head shape is well perfect for her to loose all her hairs and be chic. Her eyes + nose + mouth makes everything perfect. And the jaw line,just look at it...i'm proud to have one like hers :)

 09. Lauren Brie Harding, Cycle 11
Though she does not make it to the top of the packs, this photo of her makes me gone "wow" that time, and that's enough to make me remember forever. The eyes once again attracted my soul, Tyra's smize is really useful in all photo shoot, right?

 10. Dominique Reighard, Cycle 17 All Stars
Dominique was never my fav in cycle 10, however she came back in all stars & hulala, this shoot totally make me slap myself in my face. Look how hot she is lying in that bowl of salad. Though she bend her legs like that but it does not make her feel shorter. Her expression is so seducing and he tummy is nice~

 11. CariDee English, Cycle 7
Hell yeah baby, this photo of CariDee can't stop haunting me everytime i look at it. Her evil eyes staring with her hands movement increase the intensity in the shoot. Unlike the other girls who are having the same shoot, they are not scary enough like CariDee.

12. Marjorie Conrad, Cycle 11
Who would ever be more chich and high fashion that Marjorie when you do your pee pee? Well, no one i believe can defeat this girl. Even in a toilet, she can shoot stunning photo with the arch back and crooked body position, well done Marjorie.

13. Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1
This jewelry shoot is only done by Adrianne & Elyse, but Adrianne nailed this shot. Out of the 2 girls, she has a much more voluptuous body and her sex appeal is so much stronger. No wonder she was invited to become of the playboy mate :)
14. Marvita Washington, Cycle 10
Marvita is hot and she has a pretty body and definitely is fabulous in lingerie shoot. This shoot is so fine and show off her long legs even though she is not in the standing position. Even though the jacket covered up her body, but definitely we can see her big boobs pushing it all the way out :)

15. McKey Sullivan, Cycle 11
McKey is posing in the right way under the windmail. The ways of her holdings the steel chain makes me feel like she's a giant lady, trying to pull down the whole windmail. Don't know why i think like that, but i definitely do, maybe this is what a successful model does, right?

16. Nicole Borud, Cycle 3
Nicole never been my favorite during the competition, but her shot of this definitely brought out her beautiful features on her face. I love the way she put her nails on her lips, its so sexy but yet the eyes doesn't make the whole picture looks too hoochy.
17. Jennifer An, Cycle 13
Everybody knows that Jennifer can shoot well and pose well in cycle 13, they way she make herself looks tall is definitely not a big problem for her. This picture is really outstanding and i really believe that she is more than 5 foot 6

18. Laura LaFrate, Cycle 18
Laura imagine she was having sex when she took this picture. The way she move along and her posture really are great and i admire this picture a lot, she looks stunning and actually i think she looks prettier in black hair compare to her blonde.

19. Kyle Gober, Cycle 18
Kyle is very special, i love her opal face kind of look, so unique. Though this is the photo that caused her to be eliminate from the competition, but for me its the most memorable of hers. The way she pose and he eyes make me only focus on her.

20. Lisa D'Amato, Cycle 17 All Stars
Lisa Lisa... she totally grew up from her previous cycle and strike back strong, strong till she became America Next Top Model in the all star cycle. This photo of her look so gorgeous. Her posture, the wind, the leg, her hands... all seems to be so right...

21. Blonde Shot, Cycle 16
Hannah Jones, Kasia Pilewiscz, Molly O'Connell & Alexandria Everett
Yummy blonde, i couldn't stop looking at it. Molly is actually the star of this picture, i straight ahead look into her, she was smart enough to show her body more than the rest, and it did really attracted me :)
22. Brunette Shot, Cycle 16
Monique Weingart, Jaclyn Poole, Mikaela Schipani & Brittani Kline
The brunette shot is not as good as the blonde, but i love the picture too. Here, my eyes go to Jaclyn. Look at the way she lean against the rest. Her expression and the soft hands of her really make the whole picture looks good~

23. Yaya Dacosta, Cycle 3
Even though the tarantula is there, but this picture blow me away with just only Yaya. She definitely selling the jewelry to me without the spidy. She's not smizing, but her eyes are just so seducive... Her hand, her fingers... they said it all~

24. Courtney Davies, Cycle 13
Courtney, the girl who i thought will go far in the competition, but just because of a boot, she failed. However, this photo of her is really fabulous. I can't stop looking at it, she looks so stunning, the expression and her body language is just nice. Not like the judges, i think her arms are ok, not too muscular as what Nigel Barker said...

25. Brittany Hatch, Cycle 8
This pic of Brittany looks so high fashion. Compare to the rest of the girls who took the same theme of pic, they are just pretty, but the way Brit look up into the ceiling is so vogue~ And her body portion is so nice, love her waist part the most

26. Jaslene Gonzalez, Cycle 8
Jaslene looks so fierce in this pic, she's smizing, and her body language is genius. Her legs doesn't seems like hers, and this is so fine, i feel like she's has been meant to be a top model. This pic of hers really show us how good she is...

27. Joanie Dodds, Cycle 6
Joanie Joanie Joanie, how i wish you have won the cycle 6 top model. I really do as you look so fine, especially this photo, you totally prove to the world that you're great in taking good picture. The puppet look that she portrait totally steal the spotlight of the male model behind. Just look how hot the male model is, but i swear that Joanie totally steal the spotlight!!!

28. Allison Harvard, Cycle 12
Oh look how cute Allison was in this photo. The way she pose is so different with other girls that do this shot, hers was stunning and the body language is great. Of course she has her big eyes that prove her more unique that the others, but this shot really impress me :)

29. Sara Racey-Tabrizi, Cycle 2
The hot Latino, or should i say the hot arabian? lol, i don't really remember which race she is mix of, but this eve's photo of her is so sexy and stunning. Her eyes are simply connecting to the camera and into my eyes :) The whole photo is so arousing as the way she put her fingers into the male model's mouth~ oh god~

30. Nicole Fox, Cycle 13
Love love Nicole Fox in this cycle especially this photo shoot. She looks tall, she looks so anime and she looks so fierce :) The one on the left is my favorite among 3 of them, this is because her smizing is so good, and i feel like she's really a chinese warrior ~

31. Krista White, Cycle 14
Love this pic is because of the way the fabric flow, it definitely makes Krista look tall and unique. Her expression and the way she smize on one direction is so fabulous. Can i say she's lucky to have this shoot? But i believe there's nothing lucky if the model did not work hard too, Krista u rocks!!!

32. Amanda Swafford, Cycle 3
Amanda has the best vintage look ever in ANTM. Her beautiful blue eyes is the main point and make all of us focus on it, but of coz all of u know that hey eyes also cause a big trouble to her, but i'm not gonna talk about this here, please see my blog about her individually. Back to the pic, don't u feel that her eyes match the shining water so well? The shot seems to be make for her, but this is also the pic that get her eliminated in the top 3...

33. Jade Cole, Cycle 6
Jade has always show us her hard side, but in this pic, she looks so soft and pretty. Her eyes, her hands and her leg is fabulous... Though her legs look crooked, but i love it :) The way she hold her red robe is so pretty too~ she brought out the lady feel of red riding hood~ nice huh?!?

34. Angelea Preston, Cycle 14
No matter how i dislike Angelea, but this cover girl picture of hers is my favorite during that week of shooting. She just got those ghetto chic feel which shows in this picture, together with the way she looks at the side, damn... it is so good!

35. Kahlen Rondot, Cycle 4
Kahlen has been a tough competitor to Naima in cycle 4. look at this pic, she looks like the antelope in Africa. Her smize and her posture is so good, it really makes me think that she has some connection with the aligator over there.... lol

36. Renee Alway, Cycle 8
Rene is so hot in this shoot, the shoot is for woman's magazine, and she definitely shows the softness of herself. The brilliant part is her hands' posture and her connection with the male model. This picture attracted me in whole, i just feel like they are a pair of loving couple :)

37. Sheena Sakai, Cycle 11
Oh Sheena Sheena, i personally think she has the best shot ever in this week, but Clark won the best photo instead because the reflection of her eyes (the water is calm and still) match with her real eyes. But if on smizing part, i think Ms Sheena is doing the best in this shot. The only flaw part is how she stuck out her hand like that... but i just simply love this pic, it looks like an Asian Shark coming to attack us :)

38. Yoanna House & Shandi Sullivan, Cycle 2
This double shot of Yoanna & Shandi is so sexy and delicious. Their expression and the way they hug really give me a fantasy. In this shot, i love Yoanna's eyes and Shandi's bone structure. No wonder both of them can go onto the top 3 of this cycle :)

39. Plan Shoot, Cycle 10
Lauren Utter, Stacy-Ann Fequiere, Whiteny Thompson, Anya Kop,
Dominique Reighard & Katarzyna Dolinska
I just love love love this group shot in cycle 10. Its simply all of them giving the different expression and action in the shot. Lauren looks elegant, Stacy Ann looks chicky, Whitney is bubbly, Anya is exciting, Dominique is Stylish and Katarzyna is chic. For me, i think all girls did their best and nobody should go home that week, too bad for Stacy Ann :(

40. Nik Pace, Cycle 5
Nik is suppose to have a gown on this shot, but the photographer Janice Dickinson request her to shoot this in nude which i think is a perfect idea. Look at Nik's flawless body and her silky smooth skin~ yummy, i totally can't take my eyes off her at all~

41. Ann Ward, Cycle 15
Ann is the tallest girl in the bunch of this cycle, but she shot the best fallen angel in this shoot even though she's a bit clumsy during the shot. I love the way she holds the male model with her hands and how she curl up one of her leg to show her body more in the shot.

42. Anchal Joseph, Cycle 7
Anchal is the second Indian girl who appear in ANTM after Julie in Cycle 3. But Anchal is more seductive and this photo of hers make me remember her more. Of course there's some computer edit on the right hand part of the mirror reflection, but her stunning legs and pose in front of the mirror can just make any guys go "wow"... no wonder Jim Carrey falls for her too :P

43. Laura James, Cycle 19
Cycle 19 winner, Laura gave a mysterious look in this shot. The way she pose with her head tilt a bit like that; how her waist switch a bit; her hand touching her hair... all of these has make this photo perfect.

44. Celia Ammerman, Cycle 12
Although Celia might look old after Tyra gave her the new look, but in this pic... we can only see "fresh". I kinda like here stare behind all those paint. She looks calm in this pic, i am not sure how to say it, but she definitely is the best among the same photoshoot with the other girls

45. Melrose Bickerstaff, Cycle 7
I love Melrose, but i love Caridee too lol~ Melrose is a bit more camelion in the sense of shotting different style of photo. Like this kind of photoshoot, usually the hair will attract our attention first, bur Melrose expression get us first. Love her eyes and mouth at here, she makes me stop and look.

46. Shandi Sullivan, Cycle 2
Shandi was giving us a smize on this photo shoot, her position goes well with this outfit which i find it very spectacular. I won't notice how tall of the hole that Shandi was hang at the first place because i was pull away into Shandi...

47. Boat shoot, Cycle 15
Ann Ward, Chelsey Hersley & Jane Randall
The 3 fabulous heirness posing is so beautiful and charming. Though the judges said Jane is the best among the girls, but my eyes were at Ann instead. Chelsey was a bit weak though, in another hand Jane delivered quite good too...

48. Danielle Evans, Cycle 6
Daniel looks very charming in this photo shoot even though she's quite sick at that time. From far side, its a fabulous photo, the legs and the way of the fabric lies on the elephant makes the whole photo works

49. Natasha Galkina, Cycle 8
Natasha is weird but sweet. I don't know why her feminine photo did not attracted me as much as her this photo, which she became a dude. Seriously this photo attracted me is because how serious she's is when she trying to get into such character.

50. Chantal Jones, Cycle 9
The last but not least will be Chantal who acted as a China warrior princess to fight in the China great war. She looks stunning in her profile, and her flowing up pose like this seems so effortless... But of course we knows that this kind of pose is not easy to be shoot at...

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