Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

Cycle 2 started just one year after the cycle 1, this time Jay Manuel has been invited to be the main host of the show, all the judges (except Jeanne Beker) has quit and Stacey McKenzie has turn into the runway coach position instead. Jay Manuel brought over his friend from ANTM, Nole Marin to be the photo director in CNTM. Paul Alexander (photographer) & Yasmin Warsame (Top Model) has been invited to judge for this cycle as well. 10 girls were chose and almost all of them has dramatic make over.

Cycle 2 Winner

Rebecca Hardy

I don't know why, but i feel that this girl is kinda clumsy. I like her and feel that she can be in the top 2 after her make over, but i still feel she's kinda slow-po and stupid. lol~ I always have something with red hair, and her red hair suits very well with her fair skin, and she's good in editorial, but is she really good in commercial? I doubt, though how the judges say she can do it. But i'm quite surprise she defeated Sinead in this cycle...

Sinead Brady

My favorite girl in this cycle together with Rebecca, i thought she will be crowned instead of Rebecca, but it seems like she doesn't have the luck at all. The judges love her so much until they found out she's quite monotone sometime. Its good the camera love her, but too much same poses make her dull~

Tara-Marie Winspur

I don't like her at all from the beginning of the show,i hate her alfro. But after she was given long black hair, i totally change my view for her, she's hot!!! But no matter how hot she is, i am not so fancy with her personality. She's kinda a jealousy girl and always show her black face when the others win, of course everyone is there to win the CNTM, but don't show it too obvious, its bad~

Tia Ayrton-Hill

A pretty girl, but not very confident in herself throughout the cycle. I like her nose and her mouth the most, though the judges said she's a bit like the joker, lol. Well, along the cycle, i don't really put her in my mind until she was on top 5 and managed to outcast Cori who i personally think is better than her.

Morayo Ninalowo

I think she's an African if not mistaken (sorry if she's not), but i lover her skin tone and texture. She's the only black girl in this cycle but too bad she only gone to the top 6 then bye bye she goes. I don't think she can be call pretty at all, but she got a magic power to attract my attention to her everytime she appear. Is it because she's the only black? Or because of her stunning features? I don't know, but i'm glad she's here~

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