ANTM 19: College Edition

ANTM has a big revolution this cycle. After firing off Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel & Jay Alexander, Tyra get herself a sexy boytoy male model Rob Evans as a judge and Johnny Wujek as the photo director. Special part of this cycle is, there are voting from audience which will be announce by Bryanboy (a fashion blogger), judges point + audience point + challenge point will get the score for that week. So its a big turn for this cycle, but actually the point of the audience point... whether its true or a fake one... nobody know...

College Edition Winner

Laura James

She's 21yo and from Paul Smith College. Personally before the show starts, i have assume she will be on the top 3 in this competition. She's very pretty and after make over she looks definitely stunning with blonde. Should i say that she's born to be a model, coz she has all the potential in the world and the camera loves her. Basically i kinda like her except for the drama she has with Leila...

Kiara Belen

22yo hot girl from University of California. When she was in final 2 with Laura, i actually thought she will win, but too bad... her scores are not as high as Laura in total. For me, Kiara is spicy and she is hot, she can do commercial and she can go high fashion as well. We can see Kiara's improving through out the whole cycle, but too bad not fast enough~

Victoria Henley

A weird 18yo nerdy girl from Liberty University, she did home study on the college. So basically she has no idea how to communicate with public, and all she has is her mother, whom is her best friend too. Being the weirdo of this cycle, i love the moments everytime she called her mom on the phone, it was full of drama and everytime i can't stop laughing... Well, this girl can do high fashion, but not really for commercial. She loves to create a story for her every single photo shoot, but sometime she pissed off the crews~

Kristin Kagay

The one and only bitch in this cycle, 19yo blonde from Florida State College at Jacksonville. At first she fools off everyone with her naive attitude. But as time goes by, her bitchy attitude and personality came out as she scolded at Victoria & Leila. I like her look, she's kinda britney spears feel for me~ Camera loves her too, but in the end she was out due to her bad personality....

Leila Goldkuhl

20yo girl from University of Rhode Island. This girl is born for high fashion, but she is not doing well in commercial look. At first she was having some drama issue with Laura and cause herself to lose her focus on the photo shoot. But luckily in this cycle, all the girls who has been voted out will continue the competition at another side... They will do the same photo-shooting and will be scored as well by the judges & audience. Leila was eliminated in episode 5 but she managed to returned in episode 9 as the higher score among all eliminated girls. But too bad, she can only go further to the top 3 only.

Brittany Brown

18yo pretty girl from Chandler-Gilbert Community College. I believe she has a lot of passion in modelling as she cried so dramatically when she knows she has been eliminated. Before make over, she was the sweet girl look, but after her make-over, she so different, but luckily a bit high fashion than her old look. Overall her shots were ok, not really outstanding among other girls, so i'm not surprise when she's eliminated...

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