Some updates before year end

Its been a long time i never talk about myself, do u guys miss me? lol~ Actually back in the August, i've on and off went back to my hometown as my grandfather was sick. At September, few days after my birthday, he actually passed away due to serious shock at his throat area.

The funeral went on straight ahead, a lot of emotional and sad feeling in the family. Though i do feel sad, but being the eldest grandson in the family, i have to be strong and assist my uncles in a lot of things for the funeral. Luckily that was when the Raya holiday is around. I have a long spread of week to accompany my heart-break-mum in hometown. After applying my compassionate leave, i took a few non-pay-leave as well. At these days, i gained a lot of weight (i don't know why, i should be loosing weight, right?)... i think the main reason is, i skip gym and totally zero exercise at all.

Coming back from the hometown, i went for the Adidas run. I was so tired and left far behind from my gym-mates. Ended up i used more 30 minutes to complete the race compare to them. But its ok, i promise myself i will train up again (lol, now is still on my way)... Nike run (27th Nov) i'm coming !!!

Few weeks back, i have been hearing rumors from others saying that i look kinda "chuen 串" / unfriendly. I believe this all started when someone smile to me but i did not respond and smile back. Come on, i don't know who you are in the first place and i'm not sure whether you're smiling to me or what... its rude to spread rumor on a naive guy like me, right? lol~ But whatever, after some comfort from buddies, i feel better.

Last week, i just did my appraisal for my confirmation :) i'm so happy that i'm gonna have an early confirmation, though its just a month earlier, but better than nothing right? But seriously, this new company has more politic than the previous one, and this time i'm not gonna just walk away, i'm already well-weapon and prepare to fight (if there's any).

Though its still earlier, but i hope i will be strong, and getting stronger than ever before by next year...
tough guy huh?

4 who am I - questions:


November 21, 2011 at 9:42 AM

that guy looks like hirthik roshan , do u know him ????hint , he was my bf la


November 21, 2011 at 12:55 PM

i am sure u are stronger now!


November 21, 2011 at 11:02 PM

u're a fighter.. but u can fight better if u put ur heart and soul in it :p

good luck..


November 25, 2011 at 4:15 AM

fuuh..! jiayou leu kor kor