ANTM - Cycle 16

ANTM bitches are back for action. Bitching and fucking and more drama in this cycle. Judges still remain the same as per cycle 15, lead by the ultimate bitch Ms Tyra Banks. Let's have a look at their fabulous group photos...

Hannah, Kasia, Molly, Alexandria
Monique, Jaclyn, Mikaela, Brittani
Brittani & Hannah
Kasia & Molly
Monique & Alexandria
Mikaela & Sara
Dalya, Jaclyn & Dominique
Alexandria, Brittani
Molly & Brittani's new look in final elimination
Molly & Brittani in final runway

Cycle 16 Winner
Brittani Kline
Love her since the first scene the camera took her, i swear i will file a complain report to ANTM if Brittani did not win this cycle, lol~ I was very sure she will win until one episode when she critics about Alexandria in front of the judges and went off due to panic attack. I was like "shit", is she going back home? Of coz Tyra wanted to vote her out, luckily Nigel and Andrea were there to support Brittani. And finally she won the crown though she fell on the final runway.

Molly O'Connell
Runner up of this cycle. She looks so normal but she definitely can shoot good photo. I feel like she's very chameleon and elegant. No matter how much i love her, but i think she's too normal if compare to Brittani who is more on couture side~
Alexandria Everett

The bitch in this cycle. She shot excellent photos, but personally i think she looks old~ and very emotional... Is it a trend there must be some bitches in every cycle?

Kasia Pilewicz
The plus-size / full figure model in this cycle. She has tons of experience in modelling world, and even shot in couture magazine before. Ok, beside her, Mikaela is full of experience as well but non of them win. The only thing i'm confuse is, why are these girls in the show? i thought they are only for fresh girl? Including Saleisha Stowers (winner in cycle 9), a few girls with experience is in their show... what the hell? then can Kate Moss joined too?

Hannah Jones
She looks like Analeigh Tipton in cycle 11, of coz she's much more pretty than Tipton. I think she's been lucky to have good shot in the cycle. She's not very outspoken and attractive like other girls, but she managed to make it to the top 3. Faith? Who knows?

2 who am I - questions:

  Chen Xing

November 14, 2011 at 11:53 PM

Hmm, I thought we are already on the All-Stars Cycle ?

Would appreciate it if you can review on that.



November 20, 2011 at 11:30 PM

ya i know... but all star havent complete ma~