A Modelish-Insult

Went to dinner with my colleagues yesterday after work. I still look like a zombie after the dehydrated stuff, so i was like floating along my way when we go to Pavilion. And my colleague got a call from her friend, wanting to join us for dinner. Her friend is a model!!!

I thought of giving excuse and ran away becoz i look terrible with my zombie look, but my colleague begs me and say she was shy to meet the guy alone...wth~ if so shy then dont promise to makan with him la... So i was drag along to the food court to meet up with her model friend. Surprisingly, i saw him b4 in gym~ So i jst smile and didnt really talk much during the dinner... From 1st impression, this model portraits to me that he's very good looking and nobody can be his fren... a very arrogant type of person...

I knw i m being rude for playing with my mobile during their conversation coz i really dun feel like talking when i m sick... but then, the model ask me something...Leu(L), Model(M), Leu's Colleague(C)

M: Hey Leu, i think i saw u b4 in gym
C: Yalo yalo, u guys in the same gym de (smiling broadly, got anything to smile meh?)
M: How often do you go?
C: He? He very lazy de la... always go home to watch drama only
M: Haha, i love drama too...
C: Me too me too...
M: Btw Leu, why u keep on playing with ur mobile?
C: Aiyo, must be sms-ing his gf lo~
M: Haha, a lot of gf?
C: Leu is a playboy la...got many gf de...
L: Apalah?
C: Yala~
M: xxx, dun bully Leu la... he seems sick
L: Ya, not feeling well
C: He hor....!&^*&*(&*@&&*()^*$^$^

At this moment, my stupid colleague suddenly tell her friend so many things about me which i feel so uncomfortable and rather shocking abt the speed that she speak...i cant even stop her M16 mouth...

L: Wei enough la~
M: I wanna knw more abt u... so interesting...hahaha~
C: Leu hor....!#$^*%^*(*(*&!^#&&()*()&
L: WTH!!! Stop it...
C: Ok ok...
M: Btw, have u ever think of modelling?
C: Leu wo?
M: Yup, he got the look

This time i really feel sien liao~ this guy is trying to insult me or wat? Model?!? I knw wat my quality is... the most i can become is a director for a multinational company; but not a supermodel in an advertisement or on a runway... Then thanks to my M16 colleague again...

C: Cannot la, Leu so fat... look at his big tummy (then she lean forward and grab my tummy)
L: Cibai~ (the word jst came out so suddenly)
M: Wei, dun bully Leu la...

The conversation goes on and on... I didnt speak a word then until its abt time we left... So i left my "hiao po" aka "M16" colleague with her so-called-supermodel guy alone and walk in another direction of the mall... Then someone tap my shoulder when i was somewhere near the starbucks... It was the model... He grinned and ask whether we can exchange our number...

Somehow i dun feel comfortable to give ppl my number after getting such a big insult... And i think he looks like Goofy in disney cartoon... So i give him my number with one of the number difference... I'm so afraid he will miscall me on the spot coz he will realize that... So i quickly make up an excuse and run off... haha~dun play a fool with me when i'm sick... i can be very sensitive...

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  Just B3cks

October 6, 2009 at 10:04 AM

oh my, they are so ... insulting and irritant!

"The empire must strike back!"


October 6, 2009 at 10:37 AM

i think he is just being friendly and wanted to make friends with you.. the insulting one was your colleagues actually :p


October 6, 2009 at 10:43 AM

Yeah lo, M seems overly-friendly with you le... :P. Your C was really trying hard to keep the conversation going by using you as the subject.

  C'est la vie

October 6, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Erm, the model guy didn't really insult you la. He was trying to be your friend. Erm, later when you meet him again in the gym, habislah~ Coz you didn't give him your real number..... Anyway, kill back your colleague with cannon, she deserves that.


October 6, 2009 at 12:13 PM

jstbecks, why must be empire leh? vampire cannot? lolz~

sk, yalo...she can be bitchy sometime but she never realize it

william, coz C wanna get full attention frm M ma~

Freedom, aiya...hopefully will not see him again la~

  类私理 Lesly

October 6, 2009 at 2:56 PM

Haha!!! Your colleague... Memang dunno how to speak well is it...
BTW, model said you got the look oh... you should be happy lo~!


October 6, 2009 at 6:02 PM

You floated back to the office, I'm sure ...... when u heard u looked like a model, kan? :P lolz



October 7, 2009 at 9:56 PM

oh my.. ahaha...


October 8, 2009 at 9:00 AM

lesly, happy for wat? not antm also... jst malaysia cheplat model

ant, ghost meh?

eric, why "oh my" ?