I don't care

Was having some discussion today, everybody is talking about the economic recession.

A: Company is not earning as much profit as last year.
B: Yaloh, i think bonus also ...
C: Ei, dun scare me la~
D: I think we need to save more money
B: Haiz, my travelling plan next year have to cancel dy...
C: Mine too... :(
B: Dun be sad la, still can go local de ma...
A: Can't go shopping too much la
D: Yalo, yalo...
A: Sumore everything has gone mahal liao, have to cut cut cut !!!
C: Huh? Will our company cut cut cut too ???
B: Dunno leh~
D: Hope not. But better dun change your job now. Might kena LIFO later
C: LIFO ?!?
D: LIFO = Last In First Out lo~
A, B, C : Yalo Yalo ...

Yerr... i dun like this discussion. I feel so insecure when i hear all of these...
I don't care about what stupid fucking economic recession...
I don't care about all those price increasing matters...
I don't care about these...

I feel like "I'm an ostrich hiding my head in sand" :(

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November 14, 2008 at 8:45 AM



November 15, 2008 at 12:27 PM

excuse me~ i'm a virgo