X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1


01 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)" October 31, 1992
The X-Men come to the aid of Jubilee when her foster parents turn her in to the mutant registration she is attacked by Sentinels. The X-men save her and bring her to their facility. There, she learns a little about them. When she decides to go back and check on her parents, she is captured. The X-Men discover that the group running the Mutant Registration Program intends to track and eliminate mutants, so they decide to enter the building and destroy all the data.

02 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)" November 7, 1992
After destroying the files on mutants, the X-Men escape to the Blackbird, but are stopped by the Sentinels. During the fight with the Sentinels, Morph is killed and Beast is captured and imprisoned by the government. The X-men manage to track down the Sentinel's headquarters and free Jubilee. She decides to join Xavier's academy.

03 "Enter Magneto" November 27, 1992
Magneto attempts to break Beast out of prison, but Beast would rather stand trial. Sabretooth demands that Beast be set free and ends up going into a destructive rage, prompting the guards to shoot and injure him. Cyclops aids Sabretooth and brings him to the Mansions' infirmary, which does not sit well with Wolverine. Later, Magneto attacks a military missile facility.

04 "Deadly Reunions" January 23, 1993
Professor X tries to heal Sabertooth against Wolverine's warnings, while Magneto attacks a chemical plant in order to attract the attention of Professor X.

05 "Captive Hearts" January 30, 1993
Cyclops and Jean are captured by a group of human mutants called the Morlocks when they go out on a romantic date, much to Logan's hurt. Storm battles their leader Callisto for control of the underground mutant group.

06 "Cold Vengeance" February 6, 1993
Wolverine encounters Sabertooth in the Arctic, while Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee head to the "mutant loving" island paradise of Genosha.

07 "Slave Island" February 13, 1993
The X-Men discover the truth behind Genosha as Gambit, Storm, Jubilee and a host of other mutants are made to work as slaves in order to complete a dam which will power a Sentinel factory. Meanwhile Gambit meets the mysterious Cable.

08 "The Unstoppable Juggernaut" March 6, 1993
When the X-Mansion is trashed, the X-Men initially blame the Russian mutant Colossus, before discovering the real culprit is the Juggernaut.

09 "The Cure" February 20, 1993
Rogue goes to Muir Island for an experimental treatment to rid her mutant powers and narrowly escapes becoming the slave of Apocalypse.

10 "Come the Apocalypse" February 27, 1993
Apocalypse turns mutants who journeyed to Muir Island seeking the fictitious cure into the Horsemen. Apocalypse and his four Horsemen attack the World Peace conference in Paris. Rogue absorbs Archangel's dark side.

11 "Days of Future Past (Part 1)" March 13, 1993
In a future controlled by Sentinels, Bishop is sent back in time to stop a member of the X-Men from assassinating an important political figure.

12 "Days of Future Past (Part 2)" March 20, 1993
Bishop and the X-Men go to Washington and stop the assassination of Senator Kelly, but Bishop returns to find the future unchanged.

13 "The Final Decision" March 27, 1993
The X-Men and Magneto team up to stop Master Mold from replacing Senator Kelly's brain with a computer, and engage in an all-out battle against a score of Sentinels. Kelly calls off his anti-mutant campaign and Beast is freed from prison.

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