New Zealand's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

As I am not able to find the full set of NZNTM cycle 1, I decided to skip it and watch the cycle 2 instead. Out of my expectation and a big surprise to me, NZNTM is as fierce as the other countries. The girls are strong and once again twins power come into action in this country, similar like ANTM cycle 7... Let's see some group photos first
Lauren & Courtenay
Holly & Lara
Nellie & Elza
Dakota & Danielle
Eva & Michaela

Cycle 2 Winner

Danielle Hayes

From starting of this competition, I know that this bitch will win the competition because she got this damn high fashion look. But seriously she's not my favourite as she's kinda arrogant for me and she is those kind of girls who keeps on want attention and need the judges to praise her continuously. But no doubt the rest are not her competition, the arrogant bitch win!!!

Michaela Steenkamp

This african beauty is not special. She's a bit plain and quiet through out the whole competition. I never thought she can came in 2nd on this competition. It really surprise me, as her photos have not been too outstanding each week and yet she's able to pin down the other stronger competitor, weird!

Eliza "Elza" Jenkins

The stronger twin on this competition. Both twins portrait querky behaviour for me, but i like them, especially Elza as she is more high fashion compare to Nellie. The sad thing for Elza is, her cover girl picture is not as good as Michaela in the final 3, or else she would have been competing with Danielle in the final 2 runway. Well, issit means that the twins will never ever win in any next top model competition? Coz the judges always hope 2 of them become 1...

Courtenay Scott-Hill

Before the make over, she looks damn normal to me. But after they cut her hair short, wow, she looks like Twiggy~ She has been quite strong in the competition till final 4 where she lost her strength and cause her to be eliminated from the competition. 

Nellie Jenkins

The twin Nellie, is not as strong as her sister Elza, but she was stronger than a lot of other girls in this competition. Nellie is more playful compare to Elza especially when she's fooling around with Amelia during a challenge and cause her to get scold by the judges~

Holly Potton

The typical blonde girl who has a beautiful look but her body is so flat and my jaw dropped when i saw her in swimsuit/lingerie. She can never become a swimsuit model or high fashion thingy, but definitely she can do commercial which i think is not a bad thing at all~

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