Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 4

After Alice Burdeu from cycle 3 manage to strike her carrier at oversea, Australia's Next Top Model become more fierce and attracted another bunch of girls to compete with each other in this cycle. The lead judge is still Jodhi Meares and follow by Alex Perry, Charlotte Dawson & fashion couch by Jonathan Pease. 
Group Shot (left to right)
Alyce, Emma, Alex, Alamela, Leiden, Rebecca
Jamie, Kamila, Belinda, Demelza, Samantha, Caris, Kristy

 Alyce, Alamela, Jamie

 Demelza, Leiden, Alex

Samantha, Rebecca, Caris

Cycle 4 Winner

Demelza Reveley

Being 16yo and youngest in this competition, Demelza is not as childish as Paloma from cycle 3, but Demelza is definitely a stronger competitor and bullier in the competition. In the beginning of the competition, I dislike her and hope she gets eliminated. But her strong face has make no fail of her for taking excellence photo. As the competition goes by, we can see that she has grown a lot but... hey, what can we expect from a 16yo girl? I'm not that happy she won in the end, but well... i'm not the judges anyway...

1st Runner Up 

Alexandra Girdwood

She is my favorite girl in this competition... I love her look, her style, her knowledge and her photo shoot as well. Though she's a bit cocky but she can take good and sometimes excellent photos. Her runway is not as good as Demelza, but she managed to book 2 shows extra than Demelza in the fashion week. Even though she did not win the competition, I believe she will do well in the fashion industry :)   

2nd Runner Up 

Samantha Downie

Sam is really a black horse in this competition. At first, she did not give me a deep impression on her, i only feel that she is kinda exotic looking girl... But as the competition goes on, she has develop her skills and managed to produce a few weeks best photo in the bunch. Well done~

4th Place 

Carey "Caris" Eves

The cry baby of this competition :D At first she looks so normal and kinda overweight, but we can see that she has pay a lot of hardworks in keeping her body in a better shape and eventually her skin also become better because she eats healthily. She was one of the fav of the judges, but I'm not sure what's the exact reason the judges eliminated her... she has been doing so well~  

9th Place 

Alamela Rowan

She is the classy girl who other girls wrongly interpret her as "fake". She was just a nerdy and silence girl, that's all... I love her look and i think she's special... I never thought her journey in this competition will ends so early... :( 

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