Asia's Next Top Model - Cycle 2

Finally Asia Next Top Model cycle 2 come to an end in the disaster Horse year. The whole competition was held in the beautiful tropicana country - Malaysia, which i'm proud to say that "Malaysia Boleh"~ haha... The competition was much more fierce than the cycle 1 as most of the girls are good and very high fashion. To promote the "Visit of Malaysia 2014", various locations were shot during the competition such as Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), Batu Caves, MBPJ Stadium, Penang Botanical Garden, Pangkor Laut, Sarawak's Rumah Melanau & Sabah's Gaya Island... 

4 main judges
Adam Williams, Nadya Hutagalung (main), 
Joey Mead-King & Mike Rosenthal

Cycle 2 Winner


Yay! Sheena make us proud :) Throughout the whole competition, Sheena usually on the top of the pack with her fierce pose and she smize through our soul~ Being the one and only blond, it did makes her a bit of Ah Lian, but she's being very high fashion and chameleon, which is very very very important for the modelling industry. Being watch and depends by the whole country, Sheena was once in a stress moment and almost crash her down, but luckily she got it over and won the championship~ Well done Sheena!


Jodilly is the tallest and cutest girl in the competition, I was quite sure she'll be in the top 3 and i'm right~ She can shot high fashion photos and mostly she was good in those jumping shoot. But she was being a bit too kinder-garden for me which annoyed me a bit in the beginning of the competition. She has gone a very far journey and i hope she too will become a success Asia model in the whole world.


Being one of the shortest competitor together with Tia, Katarina is a dark horse who started the competition a bit below the average and slowly climbing her way up to the final 3. Definitely Katarina has the most beautiful face among all the girls, but in the final runway show, she was beat down by Sheena and Jodilly. Of course, she was not my favourite girl in the beginning as i never will imagine her to come so far in the competition ~


Marie oh Marie, she was not the typical Japanese girl, she was exotic looking and i love love love her so much...  She can do editorial, she can do runway and she definitely can do commercial. I wanted her to be in top 2 and compete with our Sheena, but too bad, her Haper Bazzar's shoot send her packing back to Tokyo


She is the bitch of the cycle. Being as drama as she can be, she create a lots of lots of noise in the model house. This drama queen love to squint her eyes too much and it definitely is a good shot in the beginning of the competition, but... too much same smizing isn't going to bring her far in the competition at all~ 


Another proud Malaysian made her way to the top 6, she was doing very well in the competition until the judges bias-ly kick her out from the competition by choosing the not so good Nicole instead of her. Josephine is always striking a fierce pose and she has a lot of best photos compare to the drama Singaporean queen. But of course, the tv producer will definitely wanna put a drama queen in the reality show instead of a quiet girl right? I was hoping she can get herself in top 4 or maybe final 2, that will be a show down for both Malaysian to compete against each other. 

 Natalie Pickles - Taiwan

Tia Taneepanichpan - Thailand

Janice Hermijanto - Indonesia

Sneha Ghosh - India 

Pooja Gill - Singapore 

Phan Nhu Thao - Vietnam 

Moon Ji-Hye - Korea

Bona Kometa - Indonesia

Elektra Yu - Hong Kong

Jessie Yang - China

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