Africa's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

The first ever Africa's Next Top Model was hosted by the African Queen Ms Oluchi Onweagba, together with 2 co-host Josie Borain (A former top model, now photographer) & Remi Adetiba. Though the opening is similar with ANTM as well as the theme song, the girls are quite fierce. I kinda like it too, hopefully the cycle 2 will be coming out somewhere in this year too...
 Michaela (Angola), Steffie (Kenya), Michelle (South Africa)
Joyce (Nigeria), Aamito (Uganda), Rhulani (South Africa)
Omowunmi (Nigeria), Roselyn (Ghana), Marwa (Tunisia)
Cheandre (South Africa), Safira (Mozambique), Opeyemi (Nigeria)

Cycle 1 Winner

Aamito Stacie Lagum (Uganda)

She look very akward but fierce, and kinda like Teyona (ANTM cycle 12 winner). When i saw her look in the beginning of the show, i immediately can sense that she will be the winner of this competition. Beside having some best photos of the week, she also has some modeling experience and know the industry very well. 

Michaela Pinto (Angola)

Michaela is the prettiest girls among all of them i should said, she looks a bit like Stephanie (BNTM cycle 4). She's very commercial and kinda shy, i do agree with the judges that her biggest obstruction will be the language barrier if she really wanna become an international supermodel, english must be learn!

Opeyemi Awoyemi (Nigeria)

Opeyemi was in the top 3 together with Aamito & Michaela, her dream is to become a Victoria Secret's angel, no wonder her walk is damn fierce. Opeyemi is very strong in photo shooting as well, but during the final 3 pic, her photo is such a mess and almost cost her to be eliminated.

Cheandre Van Blerk (South Africa)

Cheandre is such a sexy kitten that i love her very much, she's more like those lingerie model instead of high fashion. But of coz being the only 2 white girls in this competition together with Michelle, Cheandre is consider quite good and develop excellent job in her photo shooting too...

Roselyn Ashkar (Ghana)

Roselyn is another sexy kitty that i like too, she's wild in her appearance and pretty too. i think she has the best skin among all girls, but photo shoot wise, she still has much more to learn...

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