Australia's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

AusNTM first season is good, but God, its so difficult to look for the pictures. So sorry guys, but this is definitely better than Canada NTM because the quality is there & a lot of girls are strong. Love the tv in Aus as when it cames the nude shot, the tits are not censored, very well done...
 top: Gemma, bottom: Shannon
 left: Sam, right: Zoe
 left: Sam, right: Shannon
 left: Atong, right: Chloe

Cycle 1 Winner

Gemma Sanderson

I love her on the first episode but started to dislike her because i feel like she got some attitude problem. But after discover that she has depression problem, i feel pity on her as me myself have the same problem too and i understand how she feel. Beside having a not so good skin condition, Gemma has a very solid bone structure which i think is quite high fashion and she definitely shots ton of good photos. Applause for her winning and i hope she has a good carrier on it.

1st Runner Up

Chloe Wilson

Chloe is the one that i love the most, she's stunning and her skin is so fair and smooth, but being quiet, she was pinpoint of not showing her personality which i think is a big bullshit for the judges to say so. Her look is very international and i believe she will be everywhere is the whole world with her gorgeous look.

2nd Runner Up

Shannon McGuire

Seriously i dont know how come this girl can go so far in the competition! She is basically the most ugly girl in this cycle, she is short and her eyes-bag are so obviouslly BIG. But her bubbly personality cheated the stupid judges and they allow this ugly bitch to went all the way. Come on!!! I wont even think of buying any product that she ever advertise~

4th Place

Sam Mortley

Being the most experienced girl, she's having the same problem like those in ANTM, "I know it all"~ beside that her figure is kinda weird and i can say that she's very normal, nothing of her pops out and make her got the top model feel. She's definitely out...


8th Place

Atong Tulba Mulual

The one and only black girl and she's from Africa i think... Her skin is flawless and its a waste she's not able to go further in the competition. If that stupid Allana is going to quit in the competition, the judges might as well kicked her off instead of Atong who has much more potential and shall be a strong competitor in the competition for other girls.

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