Make Me A SuperModel Season 1

 An old modeling-competition reality show in 2008.
It was kinda hit at that time, a lot of people decided to watch this
instead of ANTM.
But the show was not having a good feedback after 2 seasons
Therefore it stop
Well, let's have a look at the season 1
 Host: Niki Taylor & Tyson Beckford
Holly Kiser, 21
 Ronnie Kroell, 25
Runner Up
 Ben DiChiara, 23
2nd Runner Up
 Perry Ullmann, 22
3rd Runner Up
 Shannon Pallay, 22
5th Place
 Casey Skinner, 19
6th Place
Frankie Godoy, 20
7th Place 
 Aryn & Jay
 Ben & Ronnie
Perry & Casey 
 Ben, Holly & Perry
 Frankie, Shannon & Casey
Ben, Jacki & Perry 
 Bronnie :)
 Casey & Perry
 Jacki & Stephanie
 Holly, Ronnie & Frankie
Ronnie, Ben & Jay

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