What kind of people I hate the most in office...

01. Dictator:- Excuse me, we don't need a Hitler in the office. Not everything needs to be on result oriented; but it doesn't mean i'm on the human oriented side. A mix of both will be perfect. So please, fuck off you moron dictator... Don't forget getting a killer only needs RM3-4k now...

02. Human Hound:- Everyone here should know that i love dogs, but not these who evolved from human beings. These hounds only knows how to lick his master's ass/pussy. They are are stinky, the way they flatter, makes me feel like giving them a big slap on the face...

03. Double headed Dildo:- I used to called them "double headed snake" because snakes are creepy and nasty; but its not really that suitable; so i came out with "Double headed Dildo". These human forms of dildo will tells different stories of a same person/situation differently when in front of different people, it will do his best to make that person believe him and provide "ear pleasure"~ So, what could be a better name for this then?

04. Editor:- This kind of colleague is the worst among all, they will make friend with you and let you told them your secret unconsciously when you have treat them as a so-called-friend. Usually their creativity is extremely strong, they will only took 20%-30% of your real story and mix up with their story. The whole thing will become kinda real & usually all those dumb blondes will choose to go along with the editor's version.

05. Wet market aunties:- No matter it is female or male, we shall conclude them as the WET MARKET AUNTIES!!! This type of colleague is not as powerful as the editor, as mostly they are not good in creating story, but their "message telegraphy" power is scary~ They can announce a news in within 10 minutes throughout the whole department; 20 minutes to up and down 5 floors; in within 30 minutes they will successfully spread it to the whole company... some might even go to branches... oh gosh, they are more horrible than the SARS and H1N1. Sometime i felt that these 2 viruses must learn from all these aunties. Usually the war of these aunties took place in pantry, lunch time, toilet, smoking area... now they have upgraded and decided to go on FB, whatsapp, wechat, line....

06. The Fishmonger:- What did a fishmonger do? Of coz they sell-fish "selfish"~ usually they kept the easiest way of doing a work to themselves only, no sharing are allowed! Unless its an order from the superior, then they usually will "trick" the new guy by teaching them half while the other half is still kept to themselves. And yes, Bingo! When they new guy gets into trouble, they will come out and "aiyo, i already told you not like this ma...."

There are still many many more categories of colleagues than these, but most of them has been awarded as "The Best Actor" or "The Best Actress" before and they usually are politician-wannabe~  Even though i've involved in the corporate world for 6-7 years, sometime i will still got "hit" by them once in a while; especially to those multiple-categories-colleague...

And now i just feel so tired deeping myself in this nasty corporate world, i just wanna get away~ I believe in karma, one day they will get what Satan has prepared for them~ or else, i will just spend a RM14k to buy a real pistol from the black market to do it myself!!!

[Just another nagging post from me, after such a long time...]

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  Ash Godiva

August 26, 2013 at 5:32 PM

at last...another post from you..after a long time.The wet market aunties are everywhere at my place!@.@


September 7, 2013 at 9:55 PM

If u wasn't happy current place. Find the happy place. Hate only makes u more anger. Cheer.