Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 3

Seriously just when i thought that the standard of CTNM 3 is getting better, then kaboom, a not-so-good-quality girl was crowned as the winner. We can see that a lot of the photoshoot's idea was copied from the ANTM, is it the fat ass Nole Marin not good creative enough to think of something new? Or issit Jay Manuel insist on creativity?


Meaghan Waller

Gosh, i never never ever expect that this girl will win this cycle. She is not as good as the others, just because in the end her performance has the biggest improve doesn't mean she deserves to win... And she looks old in certain shots as well. Not to say that she's totally bad, she did took a few good shots, but it doesn't really mean that she's good enough to win... i don't know... after she won, i feel sick of those panel judges... luckily the show closed down after this cycle~

Lindsay Willier

Another girl whom i think does not deserve to be in the top 2 with Meaghan... Of course, she also improve a lot during almost the end of the show. But seriously i don't think she's good enough to be a model. After the competition, she was not even signed up by any modelling agency... What a waste to put her into the top 2, it wrecked up the whole show!!!

Nikita Kiceluk

She's the one that i thought who will win, but no... poor thing :(  Yes she was arrogant and sometimes kinda rude, but she can produce so many good shoots, and she definitely can be a chameleon when they change her look in so many ways~ i'm not sure what has blinded the panel judges... but they were fucking wrong not to crown her as the winner...

Maryam Massoumi

This Iranian girl is so beautiful and exotic, she got the look and took plenty of good shots. But her flaws would be that she does not has any passport. During the competition, she was twice being left out as the rest flew overseas for photo shooting. The first time, she was given chance to take the same photo at Canada in door studio... The second time she seek help from her friend to took some photos by herself, but this time it does not safe her butt and she was eliminated...  

Heather Delaney

One of the strongest competition in this cycle. For me, she should at least be in the top 3, but nope... She started out the competition very strong and won a few best photo as well, of coz she keep up the standard but did not show much improvement on it... Then when she fucked up in the go-see section, she was eliminated~ The judges were weird and so wrong.... 

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