Oppa Gangnam Style & its parodies~

 Lol, i know everyone heard of this & its franchise parodies...
You may find it irritating...
If you have heart-attack, pls dont watch...

Original version

Nelly Furtado version - cool

8e-news version - Yikes! Petaling street :P

One Fm version - too short

Malaysia version - Are they promoting Tesco? Lol

 KL version - I like it, very creative

Hakka version - this is from Api? lol

Sabah version - Hilarious... skinny version?

Taiwan version - Hokkien Kanasai

Chang Family version - I love this, its like a family project~ lol

Thai version - Y no ah gua?!?

Chicago version - Ok ok only

K Town version - English version nice :)

Girl version - She's from London, and she do it all by herself

Singapore version 1 - The worst

Singapore version 2 - some part is not welly shoot

Singapore version 3 - Oh, got one lengchai inside :)

Condom version - =.='''

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