Brooks Run 2012

March 11, I went for my second run - Brooks. The organizer has not done their job well, we only able to collect our sport shirt on March 9 or 10 which is a bit too rush for us. No notice/email was send to inform us on the run's schedule. I only know it through my friend, which i think its absolutely unacceptable.

As informed, we who participates in the 10km starts our run at 6.15am and we should at least report ourselves at 6am. But the 21km run starts at 5:30am and the road and car park was blocked, we were "jam" and late!!! We parked like almost 1km away from the entrance and we ran like hell to the starting point and we were 30min late!!! Me & my friends only start our run at 6:30am together with those 5km runners~ sucks...

As we started the run, we were split off, i was far behind from my friends who zoom ahead, !!! But later on i managed to passed by some of my friends who slow down~ lol... In the end i used up 1 hour & 35 mins. If minus off the 30 minutes i'm late, i'm only 1 hour & 5 min to complete the 10km run. Which i think i have did better than my Adidas Run. :)

Standchart run~ See u soon!!!

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March 20, 2012 at 9:50 AM

well done and gambateh!