Oh, i hate her !!!

Oh, i really hate this bitchy secretary of my boss. Before she's pregnant, she has been bitchy enough and spreading rumors seems to be her core function in the department. Being loud and diva is what she does best. When she announced her pregnancy, things gone worst~

I remember once when i fetch some of my colleagues out for lunch and she happened to be one of them. She was like "oh my god, u drive viva only arr?? Aiyo, u so tall but u drive such a small car"~ bitchy kan? If so, why don't u drive ur civic?

As i drove, she's been complaining that i'm a careless driver, driving technique is bad, my car is small & bla bla bla...i hate it but can't do anything, so i sped and hope she drop her baby out from her filthy pussy~ After that event, i try to avoid to have anything to deal with her, don't even mention about fetching her again. She seems to notice about me not talking to her anymore, so she pretends "wah~ nice hair cut wo, handsome lo" ~ cheh! i don't believe u, bitch...

Just yesterday, all of us car pool to go for lunch again, and she happened to be in the same car with me, this time one of my colleague is driving. Everyone heard of her diva's attitude, so my colleague drove kinda slow, but then again this bitchy secretary has something to say again "can you drive faster? i'm hungry ok, you wanna make my baby hungry issit?" while touching her big belly~ Sitting behind with another colleague, we glance at each other and feel pity for the lady who is driving. So she speed up a bit, then this secretary complain again "omg~ can u drive safer? How did you get your driving license?"

We are totally pissed off but nobody fought back as we know she's the kind of person who will make revenge back later. After the lunch, we send her off to sit at the big boss VW and hopefully to get a peaceful journey back to office. Damn, if you're not the secretary, i bet nobody will even talk to you. You are mean and bitchy to everyone in the office~ I hope she quickly delivered so that she'll be off for her maternity leave 2 month~

2 who am I - questions:


February 17, 2012 at 9:31 AM

well some people is bitchy because they know they are the secretaries and people can't do anything about her bitchiness. =) Biar lah


February 18, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Smile and Ignore are the good way to handle these situation.