I need to cry + 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 No Regret 主題曲 (古巨基)

All these while i can declare that i'm strong and never cry at all. But cry is a way to release stress, and since so many things have happened lately, i dont mind to cry... of course not at public.

Finally i finish the last episode of 義海豪情 (No Regret), ya ya ya... i knw as a TVB's fans, you guys sure say that i'm slow... the very last episode is very touching, and it might just appeared to be the trigger for me to cry... Oh gosh, after the cry, it feel so good... i felt released...

Any others drama or movie u guys might recommend for me to have a good cry? lol~

未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
站在風浪下對抗黑暗 而為妳 是毫無疑問

烈火熊熊升起 圍牆徐徐倒地
蝴蝶長埋土地 情愫長留於天地
亂世中煙火 摧毀不了傳奇

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 處身危城可不理
為只要捍衛 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

*未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
 就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾*

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 染污無瑕的手臂
在這裡抱著 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

遇著苦難亦堅守同盟 情義不會淡 即使地陷
就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾

2 who am I - questions:


December 5, 2011 at 8:41 AM

i like ur attitude la


December 7, 2011 at 12:00 AM

i like this drama!