Bye bye Amy Winehouse

I was shocked to heard that Amy Winehouse has passed away on 23rd July 2011, which is 3 days ago in her own flat. OMG~ seriously, nobody has talk much about her death. And personally, i dont even listen to her song. The most i know is her sampah-kind-of-beggar hairstyle, and know that she's famous of taking drugs.

Its kinda sad to see a celebrity die due to overdose issue. She's not the first one, as i can say that, she will not be the last one. Please... everyone... love yourself and dont become Amy Winehouse. I believe God still love her and might let her enter the Heaven's gate. But seriously, I think the God will ask her to wash her hair first before she goes into heaven~ coz might got plenty of kutu.

RIP Amy~
This is Winehouse's cacat look~ ewww...
A before & after (using drugs) of Amy Winehouse

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think will she?