~ Daily Routine ~

Daily Routine:-

6:10am - Alarm clock rings like hell
6:11am - Continue to sleep~
6:30am - Unwillingly force myself to wake up
6:45am - Crawl into toilet to make business and bath
7:00am - Come out from toilet and get dress
7:15am - Well prepared & ready to go out
7:16am - Think again, Aiya~ too early la... have a seat first
7:30am - Quickly rush to LRT station
8:15am - Reach Office
8:16am - On PC & make coffee
8:20am - Check mail & play facebook
8:30am - Pretend to start working !!!

11:45am - Start to feel tired
11:50am - Hoping lunch time will come sooner
12:30pm - Lunch time
13:25pm - Slowly walk back to office
13:30pm - Work again !!!

16:30pm - Feeling tired again
16:45pm - Feel like going back home
17:00pm - Go toilet
17:20pm - Check mail again
17:29pm - Shut down PC
17:30pm - Happily going back home

Haiz...feel so boring for this !!! Need something to energized me
Somebody...please...help me !!!

2 who am I - questions:


October 14, 2008 at 2:53 PM

what you like to do? and what u want to be? besides of facebook or check mail, maybe there's something more interesting that u would like to know? or u dunno yet? during walking back to lunch and walking back to office, maybe is a good time to think on something u love to do next? :) ha... just a sharing, have a fruistful day ! gambahte! god bless


October 17, 2008 at 4:20 PM

thanx xuan~
actually i thought u r one of my colleague,when i approach her...she told me its not her
haah~but anyway...thanks